14 Subtle Ways The Universe Warns You When Your Life Is About To Change

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A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends experienced a significant life challenge. As she shared her story with me, she emphasized there were many signs from the Universe of impending change.

Signs like this are not uncommon — many of us see signs indicating a new direction should be taken in our lives. When we listen, we are guided to a better life. But when we don’t listen, if we don't pay attention, life often becomes more difficult.

What happens when we overlook or ignore what these signs from the Universe mean? The transformations become more difficult and suddenly life-altering. It becomes harder to pay attention.

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The Universe shares messages with us and our unconscious mind every moment of every day. This means our entire life is a reflection of the conversation with all that is.

Some of the communication styles are gentle reminders, and some of the guidance is powerful. Sometimes they will tell you that you are on the right track, while other times they are a clear sign that change is necessary (and imminent).

How adept are you at reading the Universal messages? Remember, the direction might be in your entire life or just one or two areas.

Here are 14 signs from the Universe that can guide you to an easier and more abundant life.

1. You found blocks in your life.

One of the most common spiritual signs your life is about to change is something called blocks. These are occurrences that prevent you from moving forward in your desired way.

They come in many forms. Sometimes, blocks call for a pause. Other times, the related events are so significant, the outside world seemingly shuts down and you have no option but to turn inward.

No matter how blocks show up in your life, remember to pause, look, and listen.

2. You're losing things.

If you're moving through a time where you are losing friends or jobs, thank the Universe. This might sound funny but the Universe will remove what no longer serves you.

The release of old patterns, thoughts, and beliefs occurs when you let people and identities go.

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3. You're inspired.

When you've created room for change in your life, inspiration will come.

This may show up as a new creative expression. It also might be discovering something you want to study or a new place to live. Inspiration brings that excitement for life back into your world.

4. You're making healthy choices.

As you discover an inspired life, you naturally will seek nourishment for your mind, body, and soul with healthy choices. You may feel pulled to meditate, eat healthily, and live a balanced lifestyle.

5. You're learning something new.

The Universe will bring many teachers and mentors into your life. Sometimes, they are clearly marked as a teacher. For example, Jesus. Other times, your teacher may be disguised as your child, spouse, or coworker.

The teacher will always bring opportunities for self-discovery.

6. You find your soul group.

The Universe will help you manifest your soul group. These are the people in your life whom you feel most aligned with when you are healthy and vibrant.

The key is when you're truly listening, the soul group will find you.

7. You feel a sense of belonging.

Synchronicities are those magical moments where the Universe is saying, "You are exactly where you should be." You've mastered the art of listening.

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8. You feel at ease.

You're experiencing ease in your life. It's as if a miracle occurred. No blocks are insight. You feel supported in life.

This is an indication to move forward on your life plans.

9. You feel transformed.

There's always guidance camouflaged by life changes. This is what brings transformation.

If the message is not clear, go inward and ask the Universe for clarity. The easiest way to receive clear messages is a consistent meditation practice.

10. You celebrate the good things.

As you gain experience in manifesting with the guidance of the Universe, you will have genuinely good things to celebrate.

You will be rewarded and guided by manifestations and miracles. Take time to share gratitude for the guidance that has brought you to a place worthy of celebration.

11. You're no longer holding grudges.

Not holding grudges allows one to free themselves from the burden of resentment, fostering emotional well-being and healthier lives.

By choosing forgiveness and understanding, we open the door to personal growth, and the opportunity for reconciliation and peace to allow your life to change.

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12. You understand your mistakes.

By reflecting on our past mistakes and understanding where we went wrong, we open ourselves up to self-improvement. It is through this process of self-examination that we can identify areas for improvement and make the necessary changes to become better versions of ourselves.

Embracing this awareness allows us to correct our actions and cultivate a brighter future for ourselves.

13. You're sharing your passions more openly with others.

When your deep passion for something shines through, it becomes evident to those around you, making you a captivating presence. Your genuine enthusiasm and zest for life capture everyone's attention, making you a joy to be in the company of.

As word spreads and your passion expands, more people will become aware of your dedication, opening doors to exciting opportunities and fostering meaningful connections in the process.

14. You're overcoming your fears.

Your fears provide valuable lessons and insights, guiding you towards overcoming them and deepening your understanding of yourself.

As clarity dawns upon your life, it serves as a promising sign of change, reinforcing the belief that things are aligning for your benefit. Embrace this process fearlessly, for it will ultimately lead you to a positive outcome.

We are guided to completely let go of expectations.

This frees us from patterns and blocks that have resided in the futile attempt to control life. In the exhale, we unwind and merge with an experience that holds passion, truth, and all that is.

Faith in creation allows our hearts to experience healing. This is where our mind, body, and soul come together and work in unison. This can only be accomplished with trust in the guidance we receive.

This is not an abandonment of self.

When we merge with the Universal energies we are guided to our highest self. What we lose is the notion that there is something to be feared or to be controlled.

The gift of this life is in the free flow of awareness, love, and light.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.

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