The Image You See First In This Spirit Animal Personality Test Reveals Your Hidden Self

What are you hiding from the world?

spirit animal personality test hidden self

Personality tests have been around for a long time. Believe it or not, they existed before people were simply looking for a quick way to pass time on the Internet.

That said, it's impossible to deny just how much more prevalent these tests have become now that we can all access them with just the click of a button. And perhaps the most revealing of these quizzes is the spirit animal personality test.


There's a reason personality quizzes are so prevalent and we are all so drawn to them. While we might think and feel that we know ourselves well, sometimes it helps to receive a bit of objective third-party insight.

Human beings naturally seek to learn, and learning more about ourselves is one of the most important parts of the human experience. When you know yourself, your strengths, your weakness and your fears, you can develop a fuller understanding of how you relate to the rest of the world.

This can improve not just your relationship with yourself, but your relationship with the world at large and all of the people in it. At least, as long as you don't get too hung up on it.


Give this spirit animal personality test a go and see if it provides you with any helpful insights into who you really are.

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It's easy! Take a look at the image below. Don't overthink it, simply note which animal you see first.


spirit animal personality test

Find out what the animal you see first in this spirit animal personality test reveals about the hidden traits you keep from the world.

1. If you saw the wolf first...

spirit animal personality test wolf

If you saw the wolf first when you looked at the image, chances are you hide your loyalty and your devotion from the world at large.


The wolf represents guardianship, and people who are drawn to the wolf in this image form quick, passionate personal attachments. It's a power animal.

However you, much like your spirit animal the wolf, hide your soft underbelly and self-perceived weaknesses behind a wall of strength and intimidation.

2. If you saw the tiger first...

spirit animal personality test tiger


If you saw the tiger when you first looked at this image, you are a person who has faced a tremendous amount of adversity.

Chances are high that the people in your life, even those who know you best of all, view you as a person who has been damaged, or as someone who needs looking over, protection, and delicate care.

The truth is that at your core you have a well of strength that is more powerful than you could possibly know. The tiger is a great totem animal to have.

The next time you are feeling defeated, depleted or downtrodden, visualize the tiger, your spirit animal, and concentrate on that powerful sense of inner strength that you already possess in abundance.


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3. If you saw the baby owl first...

spirit animal personality test baby owl

If you saw the baby owl, the personality trait you keep hidden from the rest of the world is your passion for introspection and meditation.

The owl is traditionally associated with wisdom, a fact most people know, but most folks don't know that it's also associated with our shadow self, the inner self, the part of us we nurture with the arts and with spiritual devotion. This animal is a great spirit animal guide.


People might think of you as being the loud, rowdy, fun-loving life of the party, and you are, but you also have a capacity for inhaling knowledge and you take solace in religious practice, meditation, or other forms of devotion.

4. If you saw the puppy first...

spirit animal personality test puppy

If you saw the puppy when you looked at the image, you hide your ability to love with total freedom from conditions and an understanding of just how important it is to play.


Of course, we all know that dogs are man's best friend, and we all know how devoted and fun-loving they are. Puppies are all of that times ten.

Seeing the puppy in this image means that while some people might think of you as being a Type A personality, or as a bit distant or difficult to know, that's not so.

The truth is you want nothing so much as you want love and someone to frolic and play with, so don't hold yourself back from doing that for even one second longer.

5. If you saw the cobra first...

spirit animal personality test cobra


If you saw the cobra when you looked at this image, you hide your supreme sense of confidence and self-worth.

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, snakes have been heralded as signs of wisdom and the protectors of royalty. While some snakes are poisonous, they are all powerful and beautiful.

Maybe sometimes in life you don't stand up for yourself. Maybe you have a hard time believing in your own self-worth. Seeing the cobra means that deep inside of you is a voice crying out for you to be your own best advocate and ally. Give it a listen.

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6. If you saw the lion first...

spirit animal personality test lion


If you saw the lion when you looked at this picture, the personality trait you hide from the world is your sense of anger.

Lions are known for being strong, dangerous, and regal (king of the animal kingdom), as well as for roaring when it comes time to confront an enemy. Anger doesn't always have to be a bad thing, of course.

Very often, in order to process an experience, you have to work through the anger you feel about it first. Never apologize for passion and for your anger. It's part of who you are, and the reason you get so mad is because you feel so passionately.

7. If you saw the bat first...

spirit animal personality test bat


If you saw the bat first, you hide how attuned you are to what's going on around you at all times.

Bats are known for being able to fly virtually blind in even the darkest conditions. While you might have full possession of your senses, like a bat you use alternative means to get to know your surroundings and the people in them.

It's time to stop doubting your insights about people, places, or situations. You might think, "Eh, it's just a hunch," but chances are your hunches are worth more than the insights of people who have thoroughly researched the situation at hand.

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