What Do Snakes Mean Spiritually & Symbolically?

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What Do Snakes Mean Spiritually & Symbolically?

Maybe you love snakes or are terrified of them, but these serpent creatures are symbolic. Knowing their spiritual meaning can be helpful for dream interpretation or reading scripture.

What is the spiritual meaning of a snake?

Snakes are symbolic of renewal about to happen, spiritually or physically.

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Seeing or dreaming about a snake can mean that something is scary for you.

You might be allowing someone to stop you from reaching a goal, and it can also symbolize you are suppressing intimate desires and fantasies.

Some say that seeing or dreaming about a snake can represent a toxic person about to enter your life and seeing a snake in your dream is a sign.

Now, is it just me, or does anyone else have weird dreams about random animals and creatures that have nothing to do with what is going on in our lives?

If you answered yes, then you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

There are a lot of other meanings as to why you are dreaming about our slithering friend.

Dreaming about a snake can also mean that you are going to experience a somewhat dangerous time and your mind is trying to alert you.

Maybe you dreamt of being struck by a snake.

This does not necessarily mean that something bad is going to happen, but rather an immense change is coming; try to think positively!

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One minute you're dreaming about vacationing somewhere on an island, and the next thing you know, giant bugs are attacking you. (been there!)

So, what is it about these odd dreams that make them interesting to learn about?

The first thing you may need to think about is what have you been thinking about before going to bed?

The next thing to note is how you are feeling at that moment. And finally, what is going on in your life to trigger these occurrences?

What it might mean when you see a snake in your dreams?

There is a bad stigma against snakes that bring an unwanted feeling when encountering or discussing them.

To be quite honest, I think they are one of the most misunderstood creatures the world has known.

Here's what it means to see or dream about a snake, spiritually, plus what this creature symbolizes:

Spiritual meaning: black snake

If you dream about a black snake, this is an alarming sign of dark and malicious energies trying to make its way into your life.

It can also be a trigger to your subconscious trying to let you know that you need to recover from any depression or sadness you have experienced.

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Spiritual meaning: Red Snake

If there is a red snake in your dream, this can be a sign of any sensual desire wanting to present themselves to you.

It can also be another warning sign of something bad about to happen.

Spiritual meaning: Yellow Snake

A yellow snake reflects your inner spirit and intuition.

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Biblical meaning of snakes

The story of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis includes a very important character to the plot; the serpent.

In this story, the serpent persuades Eve to eat the forbidden fruit after God warned her not to do so.

According to this chapter, snakes represent deceit and deception.

Not all snakes in the Bible are referencing evil and the Devil, however.

In the Book of Exodus, Moses questions God as to how the people would believe God asked him to save them.

God then asks Moses to leave his staff on the ground, and it suddenly turns into a snake! When Moses runs away from the snake, God shows him that the snake has turned back into a staff.

It may be confusing, but you can read the full story in Exodus 4:1-5.

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