The 'Uncomfortable' Mental Test That Shows The Healthy (Or Unhealthy) Way You Express Emotions

There are no wrong answers.

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Everyone would love to know all of the deepest aspects of their personality to know exactly how and where they fit in the world. Every day, someone is coming up with a new tool, test or quiz to gain insight into who we are.

One such personality test is the Blob Tree Test, a psycho emotional test developed by the famous British psychologist, Pip Wilson.

What is the Blob Tree Test?

Wilson, an expert in emotional intelligence and experiential learning, created the test to help children, young people, and adults become aware of their feelings and emotions to find what kind of person they are.


The intent of the Blob Tree Test is to help people to maximize their own potential and achieve balance in life.

TikToker Moses "SloowMoee" Cox explains how the test is performed:



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Cox starts by putting up a picture of several blob figures sitting, laying, or dangling from or around a tree. Each has a number ranging from 1-21 on its chest.

The tree represents a familiar place or setting such as school, your place of business, your family, or a group of friends. The blobs, on the other hand, are representative of various emotions and feelings.

Viewers are instructed to pick two numbers: one that they like, and another that they are not so fond of.

Keep the numbers of each blob person selected top of mind. Now it’s time to determine what the numbers you chose mean.

What do your results mean?

Cox explains the results quickly, so you might need to pause the video to take it all in. Or, take a look at the image below. Then, scroll to find out what your results determine.


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Really, you are picking the figures that you identify with, and the ones you would like to become in the future. So, though Cox breaks it down to liking or disliking a figure, the blobs simply are indicative of parts of ourselves we would like to improve on versus our ideal state.


According to Cox, numbers 1, 3, 6, or 7 mean you are extremely determined.

Numbers 2, 11, 12, 18, and 19 tell you that you are the go-to person in your family and that you truly value the people you love.

Picking number 4 is a testament to how hard you are willing to work. You are not deterred by people who are smarter than you.

Choosing number 5 doesn’t bode well. It indicates that “you may be tired often,” according to Cox. He attributes the fatigue to possible health or emotional issues.

People who pick 13 or 21 tend to keep to themselves and are considered the "loner" of the groups they are in. They are afraid of being around others.

Number 8s are dreamers and have an active imagination. They are creative and always come up with new ideas that everyone can get excited about.


People who picked 10 or 15 don’t need much to be content. They are happy with what they have and find value in simple things.

Number 14s, according to Cox, are “depressed” and “emotionally drained.” The image he shares suggests they need to find support in the people around them.

Selecting 20 means that you are a natural-born leader with high self-esteem. People listen to you, but Cox warns against the tendency to keep them at arm’s length.

Number 16 tells you that you are provided one sided support, while 17s are the ones who want to be spoiled.

Lastly, number 9s are generally happy people with a positive outlook on life. They tend to focus on the good and let go of negativity.


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What is the Blob Tree?

What is the significance of the blobs, you might ask? It’s fairly simple and goes back to our first method of understanding the world: body language.

The blob people are non-distinct, with no gender, age, race or ethnicity. Because of that, everyone can identify with what their positions are saying without considering any other biases.


The blobs symbolize deep emotions without using a single word. They are not right or wrong; rather, they are feelings left to the interpretation of whoever is perceiving them.

The emotions that come up will be different from person to person, and rightfully so. They are meant to bring forth discussion, allowing us insight into one another.

Depending on who you talk to, you will find varying interpretations of the body language exhibited by the blobs. And that’s exactly what the point is.

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