What The Rainforest Personality Test Reveals About What You Value Most In Life

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rainforest personality test

Do you want to know what you value most in life? There's one personality test making its rounds on TikTok that can help you determine this.

The rainforest personality test is the newest way to learn something about yourself. These types of personality tests dive deep into your psyche, without making you think too much about it. This lets you act on impulse, making your choice true to who you are.

The rainforest personality test goes like this:



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You are on a journey to get back home and you have now approached a rainforest. You have four pets along the journey with you: a cow, a horse, a lion, and a monkey.

As you continue on, you need to pick certain animals to give up in order to survive. One you leave behind, one you trade for food, and another you must save out of the remaining two.

This means you end up with only one pet remaining at the end of your journey through the rainforest. Which animal are you left with: the cow, horse, lion or monkey?

If you're wondering what you value most in life, take the rainforest personality test above.

After you determine which animal you are left with, scroll down to see what it means regarding your personal values.



1. If you chose the cow

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If you left the rainforest with the cow, you are someone who values money.

The cow is one of the only animals that are commonly eaten. We even have the phrase "cash cows." Felecia Freely, who uploaded a video of her explaining the test, says, "Think about milking a cow for all it's worth."

If you ended up with the cow, you are either someone who is very frugal and careful with their money, or you are a hustler who is out there working hard for the money you earn.

Your primary focus right now is money and that is why you got the cow through the rainforest.

2. If you chose the horse

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If you ended up leaving the rainforest with the horse, you value loyalty and hard work.

A horse is one of the most loyal animals on the earth, and since you chose to save it, you also reciprocate that loyalty.

Felecia adds, "If you or someone you know's last animal was a horse, then know that that's someone who is going to have your back."

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3. If you chose the lion

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If you walked out of the rainforest with the lion, you value protection or you are the protector.

You like to protect your own energy, as well as your friends and loved ones. You are the one standing up for people when they cannot do so for themselves.

"You're also likely to carry a gun or knife or a weapon of some sort," Felecia adds.

4. If you chose the monkey

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If you walked out of the forest with the monkey, you are someone who truly values friendship.

You are one of two people: You are either someone who is alone and doesn't really have friends, or you are someone who has many friends and you understand how much friendship brings fulfillment to your life.

Felecia explains that if the monkey was the last pet, it's because "you couldn't bring yourself to get rid of the monkey at any point prior because you thought of the monkey as a friend."

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