What Your Soul Urge / Heart's Desire Number Means + How To Find It

What is your true life purpose?

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Numerology is the study of how numbers affect our lives. And while numerology is important in the case of Angel Numbers, it also extends to things like the mathematical value of your name.

Just like a Life Path Number is found by calculating your date of birth, certain letters of your name reveal traits defined in detail. And that can help you determine your soul urge number.

What is a soul urge number?

A soul urge number or soul path number helps you to find your life purpose, as well as revealing your destiny, what matters most to you, and how you inspire others.


Your soul urge number is also called your heart's desire number. Both your soul urge and your heart's desire describes your true motivation, intentions, and urges, according to numerology.

Just like your soul urge number and heart's desire number, your destiny number (also known as your expression number) and personality number all use your full birth name.

The best way to describe it is with a longing in your heart or a sense that you were meant to do something big, but you couldn't exactly explain why you felt that way.

Perhaps this trait is something that makes you unique. You could be meant to break a dysfunctional chain in your family's history or feel led to growing a business, but no one in your family even has a risk-taking bone in their body.


There's something that makes you want to go places or be something so unique, and the urge comes straight from your heart. You know you must do it, and when you ignore that feeling, sadness overwhelms you. You may have stumbled on what's called a soul urge, and in numerology.

Your soul urge number is associated with what your life purpose is and what you were born to do.

But you can also turn to the energy of numbers to understand more about your personality.

Numerology refers to your date of birth to define you, and your soul urge number analyzes the sum total numeric value of your full birth name. Numerology is an overlooked tool we can use to find ourselves and face any challenge.


Your Life Path Number is most similar to your true self, whereas your soul urge number is closer to your inner motivations.

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How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

You don't need a numerology reading to calculate your soul urge number. In fact, you can find your soul urge number by using numerical values assigned to the vowels in your full birth name.


Whether you grew up being called a nickname or only your first name and last name, that doesn't matter. You would still use your full name, including your middle name, and each vowel to calculate the numeric value.

soul urge number

Each number represents a specific vowel. Here's the value for each vowel:

A = 1

E = 3

O = 6


I = 9

U = 3

Y = 7

You can also use the below chart:

soul urge number calculator

Then, follow the steps to finding your personal soul urge number using your full name.

1. Start by writing down your full name.

Let's use this name as an example: Mary Anne Smith. This name has vowels A, E and I.

2. Add each vowel up (using the chart above) until you reach a single digit.

There are differing opinions on whether or not to include Ys into the mix, but many always go based on if the Y acts like a vowel. The letter Y is a vowel when it's the only vowel sound in the syllable.


For example, the Y in Mary is counted as a vowel, whereas in Maryanne, it takes the place of a consonant.

For example: mArY AnnE smIth

1 + 7 / 1 + 3 / 9 = 21 / 2 + 1 = 3

3. The number you end up with is your soul urge number.

The soul urge number for Mary Anne Smith is 3, meaning this individual is what is known as "The Inspiration."

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What Each Soul Urge Number Means

Soul Urge Number 1: The Leader

Deep down, you need to be independent. If you do not already, you need to stick with your goals and see them through until the very end. Your soul urge is to thrive and become a passionate leader.


You have high standards and might drive people away if they don’t benefit you enough. You need to realize just because your soul is a leader, not everyone is a follower.

As long as you keep that in mind and don’t expect others to just follow your lead (although most do), you will find prosperity within yourself.

If your Life Path Number is passive or responsible, you might have a lot of conflicting emotions. However, with enough work and dedication, you can put both into perfect harmony.

Soul Urge Number 2: The Lover

Balance, peace, fairness, and honesty describe your soul the best. Love is extremely important to you and will go to any lengths for those you love. However, make sure they are deserving of the love you have to offer.


Your first instinct is to trust others that can ultimately be harmful to your development. Your heart is true, but steer clear from those who like to deceive and take advantage of you.

You have such a sensitive soul, you need to understand the signs of deception or you will lead an apathetic life.

If you are coupled with a very loving and innocent Life Path Number, you need to learn that, sadly, the world does not see everyone the way you do. You need to find the balance between being “thick skinned” and trusting without losing yourself.

Soul Urge Number 3: The Inspiration

You have a young and playful soul. You want to inspire and energize everyone; you are a natural optimist. However, the world isn’t always so fun-and-games and you know that the problem lies with you becoming depressed knowing so.


Your instincts are very innocent and can be hurt very easily; you need guidance in understanding that you, yourself, cannot change the world. However, you definitely can make an impact on individuals and brighten their day.

You can be very disorganized at times, and if you have a very structured Life Path Number, this can lead to a lot of inner conflicts. You must learn to balance the child and adult within you, creating the ultimate superhuman who is fun but also on time for the fun.

Soul Urge Number 4: The Stable One

Your soul is old, stable, and wise. You know exactly what you want out of life: comfort — whether it be in work, relationships, or love. You are hardworking and very trustworthy. However, your stability and lack of wanting change mean that you are also very stubborn.

This can ruin relationships and, in the end, put you even more out of your comfort zone than you wanted. You need to understand that not all change is bad and that, sometimes, maybe you might be — gasp — wrong?!


If you are coupled with a very fluid Life Path Number that craves constant change, you must learn how to anchor yourself. Change is fun, but you are also neglecting your natural instincts.

If anything should be stable in your life, it should be a partner in crime that will be there with you, day in and day out, enjoying the fun by your side.

Soul Urge Number 5: The Freebird

You crave change. End of story. You get very bored at work, in relationships, with your hairstyle — you name it. You love adventure, freedom and you can adapt to anything like no other.

You are intelligent and curious, but your emotions can be very dramatic. If you are pent up, you are completely ignoring your natural instincts. You cannot work at a 9-5 desk job doing mundane tasks. You need to find at least one aspect of your life where you can do anything!


If you have a very stable and practical Life Path Number, you will surely find a lot of conflicts. Change is fun and is also a natural instinct for you. However, you need some form of order in your life, even if the idea seems boring, the best option would be to be stable in love.

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Soul Urge Number 6: The Mother

You have the instincts of a mother — caring, protective, truthful — which make you a natural caretaker. You strive to do your best and to take care of others. You are very responsible in all aspects, except love. You love to love, but you love too blindly.


You can easily get taken advantage of. With someone like you who will bend over backward for anyone they care about, you have to be careful and make sure they are actually worth it.

Along with your generosity, you are also a perfectionist, which really gives you a difficult time with any Life Path Number you may have if you cannot handle your own inner conflicts.

You are a mix of idealistic, loving, protective, as well as scheduled, practical, and precise. No matter what your Life Path Number is, you must first learn to find a balance between your emotions and logic. From there, you will be well-rounded.

Soul Urge Number 7: The Philosopher

You harbor creativity and logic, and are able to utilize them both in an astounding way. Your curious and analytical nature make you a born investigator, and you want all of the answers to our world and beyond.


You are a perfectionist, which can be harmful when looking for the answers to life. You shut yourself in and become a hermit if there are too many questions going around in your mind at once.

If you are not coupled with a youthful Life Path Number, you can become very pessimistic and never come out of your shell. You have so much to offer the world, but you hide behind the “what-ifs” and “could-have-beens” instead of experiencing the life you question so often.

Soul Urge Number 8: The Success

Your ambition will get you far in your career, and your counseling can make you a great mentor. Your heart’s desire is strong when it comes to creating and building the best you possible.

You think highly of yourself (even if you do not think so), have high standards, and need things to go your way, because how can you be the best you if people don’t stand aside?


You need to be aware that not everyone is a follower, so do not take what others might see as selfishness too far. You need others in order to grow.

If you have an irresponsible or childish Life Path Number, your biggest problem is learning how to grow up. You might not see it, but you might be that stereotypical rebellious teenager who ends up shutting everyone else out and resorting to angst. Learn to be realistic and realize not everyone who opposes is out to get you.

Soul Urge Number 9: The Humanitarian

You have one of the most innocent souls imaginable. The heart of a bright young child that sees no wrong in anyone. You want to help anyone and everyone in need. However, you cannot help everyone, and this can lead you into a spiral of depression and anxiety.

You can very easily get taken advantage of since you trust blindly. You become sickened at the thought of others being rude to any extent. You need to learn that the world is not the utopia you wish it was, but you can still brighten someone’s day.


Hopefully, you have a practical and realistic Life Path Number, or else both your positives and negatives become amplified. You love unlike any other and hurt as if agony has decided to reside within you. Do not let the “bummers” of the world bring you down.

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