7 Signs Your Life Is Changing For The Better & The Universe Approves

Sometimes, the signs you see are hints for the best direction to pursue.

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If you’re working to improve your life, that is great news! Maybe you meditate more often and focus on self-care. All these actions contribute to a positive life in many ways, from your physical and mental health to your overall well-being. They also help raise your vibration so that life flows more easily.

The thing is, how do you know if you are really making any progress? This might surprise you, but the Universe often sends signs to let you know you’re on your way. 


Sometimes, the signs you see are hints for the best direction to pursue.

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Seven signs your life is changing for the better & the Universe approves

Below you’ll find seven of the most common signs that alert you to pay attention to messages from the Universe to let you know you’re advancing on your soul’s chosen path.

1. Notice how things are going

Take stock of your current situation and compare it to your recent past. Are things moving forward in an easier or better way? Observe how you feel and the level of struggle you perceive.


If you notice life seems to be less of a struggle — hoorah! That’s the first sign you are changing your life for the better and the Universe approves.

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2. You feel optimistic about the future

If you are starting to feel good about where you are and find yourself looking forward to the future optimistically, that’s a fabulous sign that you’re making serious progress!

Feeling optimistic is a true measure of how well your life is working. When you look forward to what is to come, be assured that you are growing and your life is transforming.


3. You encounter surprising synchronicities

Synchronicities involve simultaneous occurrences that seem related and significant but have no obvious connection. When you encounter them, it’s a bit magical.

Let’s say a friend mentions a new company that sounds like a good place for you to work. Then you see a job advertised on LinkedIn for them. Next, you hear an ad on the radio talking about the company's services. That’s a message from the Universe and synchronicity at work!

Three times this company has come into your awareness, which is a lot in a few days! That usually means the Universe is conspiring on your behalf and lighting up a path to follow for your highest good. When synchronicities show up in your life, it’s always worth checking out to see where they lead!

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4. You have recurring dreams

Have you ever had the same or a similar dream multiple times? That is a sign for sure! You are trying to work through something in your subconscious mind. Another possibility is the Universe is sending you a message over and over to help you understand and take action.

Your subconscious mind is more open to such messages, especially while you sleep than your waking conscious mind is. If you have recurring dreams, it’s definitely a sign from the Universe that your life is changing. Take time to journal about the dreams and figure out what the messages mean.

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5. You receive a gift from the Universe

When something good comes your way completely unexpected, that is the Universe letting you know you are doing well and on the right path. This happens when your energy is aligned with your highest good.

Examples of gifts can be almost anything that shows up. Maybe you find the purse you’ve been dreaming of at a really low price or get it as a birthday gift without asking someone to buy it for you. You might win a drawing or prize at a networking event. Or someone in line buys you a coffee!

Big or small, these gifts from the Universe put you on notice that your life is more aligned with your soul’s path. That’s such a good thing!

6. You see mystical numbers frequently

There are a series of mystical numbers with different meanings according to numerology, which is an ancient mystical science of numbers and patterns. Each number from one to nine is assigned a vibration and there are special combinations too like 111, 222, 333, etc.


Many people happen to look at the clock at the same time each day unintentionally, seeing 11:11 or 4:44. You might also find these in street addresses, phone numbers, or license plates among other places.

If this happens in your life pay attention to your thoughts at the time. What were you thinking about? Seeing the synchronicity in numbers is a sign from the Universe that there is something about the moment that is significant. You can look up the meanings of these numbers but also contemplate what they mean specifically for you.

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7. The same sign appears repeatedly

When you realize that every time you make a decision or think about the best option, you see a four-leaf clover, that is a sign for sure!


The Universe is acknowledging your choices and letting you know by repeatedly showing you a four-leaf clover. The sign could be anything, like a burst of sunlight through thick clouds, a rainbow, or even a particular bird or animal.

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You can look up the spiritual meaning of the signs you see. However, when this occurs repeatedly, simply noticing the sign gives you the confirmation you’re headed in the right direction and your life is improving.


If you see signs, heed them!

As you work to improve your life and yourself, your awareness builds, enabling you to notice the signs, symbols, and synchronicities all around you. Each is a type of guidance the Universe and spirit send to help you achieve your goals.

When you are lucky enough to be presented with these sorts of messages, pay attention to them. The more you are aware and follow the guidance, the more hints and acknowledgment you’ll get.

In addition, as you start to notice the signs and heed the advice, you set your inner radar to expect this kind of help and encounter it more often. This paves the way for a life that goes with the flow, eliminating a lot of angst and struggle. Seeing signs of any type lets you know your life is improving and good things are coming your way.


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Ronnie Ann Ryan is an Intuitive Coach, Past Life Reader, and author of six books. She’s the creator of the free audio course How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Get an Answer Within 24 Hours. She's been published on ABC, BBC, and NPR.