11 Micro-Habits That Help You Find Balance With The Universe — For When You Feel Seriously 'Off'

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Feeling "off" is strong evidence your life is out of balance, though this answer is not always obvious.

When life is not going your way, you're not in the flow with the universe. This can drain your energy, add to your emotional overload, and make your day seem harder.

Not everyone can take time out to meditate for 20 minutes. When your to-do list is the length of your arm, and you have to go-go-go, how can you come back to balance? In case this sounds like you, and you can’t stop to collect yourself, there are several small, micro-habits you can use to turn things around quickly.

If you find yourself in a funk with a low vibe and feel out of sync with the universe, these simple steps can help to shift your energy quickly.

One thing to note is that slowing and deepening your breathing enhances all the other micro-habit options. When you slow things down and focus on breathing, it will help you come back into balance.

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11 tiny (but powerful!) micro-habits that can help you find balance with the universe.

1. Take five deep breaths.

Stop what you’re doing and close your eyes (unless you are driving!). Breathe in slowly and deeply to the count of five. Hold for five, exhale for five, and wait for five. Then start the cycle again and do this at least five times. You will feel much calmer when you have finished this breathing exercise.

2. Light a candle.

Striking a match and lighting a candle creates a sacred moment. As you light the candle, ask a higher source of your choosing for calm energy and clarity about your situation. Gaze into the flickering flame, slow your breathing, and focus for a few minutes. You will start to relax.

3. Play meditative or yoga music.

Find some music that will calm your soul. There is so much to choose from! Pick a few and put them into a playlist, so when you need this sort of thing you can find it again easily.

You can also find instrumentals that oscillate at a frequency that is soothing. This one uses the Nikola Tesla 369 code numbers – try it!

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4. Hug a tree.

Nature has a healing force that will bring you back to the center. Get outside, find a tree, and put your hands on it. Ask the tree to share its healing energy with you. Another way to do this is to sit on the ground with your back against the tree. Both poses work well to bring peace into yourself within 3-5 minutes.

5. Clear your energy with selenite.

The human body can be like a sponge and absorb energy from all around. Sometimes, low-vibe energy isn’t even all yours! So, it's good practice to clear your energy field.

Selenite is the perfect crystal to use for this purpose. This translucent white rock has striations and is often cut into rods. Even a 6-inch rod will work.

Hold it in one hand, start at the top of your head, and sweep down it close to the body. Do the front, back, and sides, head to toe. This is simple and effective to get back to your true self.

6. Smudge yourself.

A form of aromatherapy, smudging requires a bundle of dried sage, sometimes wrapped with other herbs like juniper and sweet grass. This herbal trio clears your field, and it puts good energy in as well.

Sage alone will clear and leave the energy field empty. If you can only find a sage smudge stick, sing a happy song, say a prayer, and use an essential oil that puts happy, calming, or balanced energy back into your field.

To smudge, light the herb bundle and blow it out the flame so it starts to smoke. Hold the smudge bundle near your head and sweep it down around your body on all sides to clear your field.

Open the windows if you can to let the old energy out. Be sure the herb stick has completely stopped burning and is out before putting it away.

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7. Place your hands over your heart.

Put both hands one hand on the other and place them over your heart center. Send yourself some love through your hands and breathe deeply and slowly.

Picture the breath entering the front of your heart and exhaling through the back of your heart. This super simple method has a surprisingly nurturing sensation and will help you find your calm center.

8. Send your cells love.

Taking the hands on the heart one step further, imagine you are sending love to every cell in your body. This is wonderful when you finish taking a shower, as your last step, but soothing any time you try it.

9. Express gratitude.

You can never be too grateful. When you stop at the moment and shift your thoughts to what is good in your life and what you have to be grateful for, you will dramatically shift your energy as well. Moving into gratitude is a mood elevator.

You can think of what you’re grateful for, say it aloud, or write a list in your journal. This is a powerful practice to shift your focus and find balance.

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10. Say a blessing.

A blessing is a positive statement that sends high-frequency energy to someone or yourself. You can say bless over yourself, your car, home, or office. Sending a blessing to someone else is also a way to lift your vibe at the same time.

The wording is simple yet powerful. Try something like, “May your day be filled with happy thoughts.” Or “May this office be blessed with positive energy and goodwill towards all.” Come up with your version or you might create several to speak in a row, sending out high-frequency vibes.

11. Ask your angel for help.

Angel experts agree your angelic guardians are here to help, and you must request their assistance. They cannot interfere with your life or free will. When you are out of balance, ask your angel to help you reconnect and get on the right path. Take a moment to get quiet and breathe so you are open to receiving the help you requested.

Now you know 11 micro-habits to help you find balance and your true self easily and quickly. These simple tips will allow you to regain your composure and get back on track to enjoy your day and life. Use them any time. Or combine a few when you want to get serious about elevating your energy. These easy micro-habits work!

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Ronnie Ann Ryan is an Intuitive Coach and Past Life Reader. Her audio course, How to Ask the Universe for a Sign is available for anyone looking for answers.