How To Interpret Angel Numbers Using Astrology

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Angel numbers are those numerical signs representative of divine forces within your life trying to guide you or send you messages of support and encouragement.  

Angel numbers are repetitive numbers that may show up anywhere in your life, whether that be on license plates, clocks, phone numbers, or even receipts; anything that carries numbers can be a vehicle for you to receive a sign from your spirit guides.  

Each angel number has a different spiritual meaning, but interpreting that meaning and applying it to your own life isn't always straightforward.

However, astrology TikToker @shawtyherbs shares a way to use your birth chart to better understand and interpret angel numbers.

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How to interpret angel numbers using astrology

Like most aspects of astrology, the first step is to look up your own birth or natal chart.

To do this you will need your birth date, time, and location. You can then use a birth chart calculator to generate your chart.

Once you have your placements, as @shawtyherbs explains, you can use them to interpret angel numbers.



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1. Determine the general meaning of your angel number

Find out the spiritual meaning of your angel number. 

For example, angel number 1 represents leadership while angel number 7 is associated with freedom, intuition, and knowledge.

2. Note each angel number’s planetary connection

In astrology, numbers one through nine are each ruled by a specific planet (or planets):

1: Sun

2: Moon

3: Jupiter

4: Uranus

5: Mercury

6: Venus

7: Neptune

8: Saturn

9: Mars and Pluto

3. Find the house that planet occupies in your chart

Each of the 12 houses in astrology governs a specific area in your life. The house that the planet associated with your angel number is placed in will give you an idea of which part of your life you're being asked to focus on.

This will allow you to gain clarity around and even an understanding of what path you should take, especially if you are at a crossroads.  

For example, if you have been seeing angel number 777, you'll look at your Neptune house placement in your chart. If you have Neptune in the ninth house, your spirit guides are calling attention to areas of your life concerning knowledge and intuition. It may be a reassurance to trust your gut. 

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