8 Signs You're A Psychic Empath & Can Sense Others' Pain

This type of empath needs time to recharge.

Last updated on Jul 27, 2022

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Empaths are considered empathetic and highly sensitive people who can experience the energy all around us and in their bodies.

Certain personality traits can determine if you’re an empath, but it doesn't stop there. In fact, there are different types of empaths, one of them being a psychic empath.

But being an empath doesn't just mean feeling empathy for others;

What is a psychic empath?

What’s different about a psychic empath's ability to feel emotions is that they can pick up on non-visual and non-verbal cues that others are feeling physically and emotionally like sadness, joy, fear, or pain.


Psychic empaths can detect actual energy fields and auras that are surrounding them or are located in their surroundings, including people, animals, and plants.

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But psychic empaths have their own unique struggles, especially when it comes to differentiating between other people's energies and their own.

They also tend to take on the negative energies of others, leaving them emotionally and spiritually drained. That's why it's essential for psychic empaths to learn their own shielding methods to protect from energy vampires and preserve their mental health.

Psychic empaths can sense energies that have memories attached to them, like items previously owned in thrift stores and inanimate objects.

Though there are all different types of empaths, psychic empaths are often blessed with extrasensory abilities, like clairvoyance or clairsentience, as well as talents like Reiki or crystal healing. This makes them particularly gifted in careers based in healing or spiritual advising.


8 Signs You're A Psychic Empath

The different types of empathic and psychic abilities you have can determine what type of psychic empath you are. You are conscious of the energies around you, and therefore assess situations better because you know what needs to be done in those situations.

But there are other signs that you may, in fact, be a psychic empath to pay close attention to.

1. You love being alone.

You feel overwhelmed and often stressed when you’re in crowds because the ability to feel others' emotions on a deeper level than other empaths can be exhausting.

You love being by yourself, and when you're feeling drained, solitude is an excellent place to be where you can recoup, and feel relaxed and at ease with your feelings and senses. This could mean you spend time in either nature or your comfort zone.


2. You have unstable moods.

Throughout the day, you often feel all different sorts of emotions that are affected by the highs and lows of the forces surrounding you. You feel unstable or overwhelmed because you can feel happy and sad at the same time almost every single day.

Luckily, you can develop immunity and defense to that feeling by having a guided meditation, connecting to your spirit guides for assistance, and using crystals to ground you.

3. Some social environments are extremely devastating to you.

If you’re visiting a dramatic environment like a hospital or a graveyard, the moment you feel the intense energy around you, you might pass out, or feel overwhelmed or weakened, because of the intensely high levels of energy.

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4. You’re attracted to other people's issues and thoughts.

Psychic empaths believe that they are supposed to create a better environment for the world and even have a mission for others in the world.

You might try to resolve others' issues because you feel their emotions as deeply as yours. You help people realize their dreams just as you would your own, but you let them claim their success and not pry too deeply because you put their feelings first.

5. Your sense of emotion is receptive, especially with negative emotions.

You can distinguish the difference between negative and positive energy because of your existing psychic abilities. Therefore, you’re inclined to sense the different kinds of energies around you, especially negativity, so you can decipher it accordingly.

Picking up on these negative emotions may also be a sign for help, as well as a warning sign to stay far away.


6. You can feel sick and gloomy out of nowhere.

Feeling anxiety or nausea or having an upset stomach are side effects that you experience almost all the time as a psychic empath.

The negative energy you experience can significantly affect your health because you’re feeling it on another level and internalizing it, especially when you're meant to help someone with that energy.

7. You are deeply emotional.

You often need to practice how to process your emotions (and others') on a whole-body level. You need to know why or how you’re feeling in a certain way and how to overcome these emotions, especially if they are negative emotions, as it can affect your health and well-being.


8. You value your emotions.

Once you realize how powerful your psychic and empathic abilities are, you can develop your psychic abilities further to protect your energy. Along with gaining confidence and respecting yourself and your emotions, you'll know that you’re a psychic empath.

You’ve set up healthy boundaries from others' emotions affecting yours, knowing when you need to help and understanding that there are times when you must take the time to recharge.

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