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John Cappello

Psychic Medium, Author, and Lecturer

I am a natural psychic-medium who has been in practice for over twenty-five years.  In addition to doing readings for clients, I am a lecturer, and author.  My work is very humbling to me since the information I receive from those who have crossed over into the Spirit world is very meaningful to my clients.  The validation of the continuity of life is comforting to those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one.  Grief and the study of it are the focus of my work, but my psychic abilities have been a major part of my practice as well.

My work has been widely recognized as authentic by multiple organizations, but I never considered using them to be a career choice until later in life.  It was the death of my father in 1992 that triggered my interest in recognizing and developing them.  I met some practicing psychics and mediums who tested and encouraged me to move forward with my gifts because they believed I had a talent worth sharing with others.  It was not until 2009; however, that I became a full-time psychic medium.

It has become a goal of mine to explain the mechanics of psychic ability and mediumship for the general public.  This goal has prompted me to write books about developing these skills and my books have been well received.  I plan to continue writing more books on these topics in the future.  In addition, I have produced several meditation recordings for relaxation and psychic development. Finally, I have created a new series of children’s books about Angels.  These books will be released over time, but the first one has already won multiple awards. 

Another aspect of my work has been to do Aura and Chakra photography.  I bring my camera to psychic fairs and to metaphysical locations where I appear.  The Aura and Chakras provide a great deal of insight about our personal well-being.  The pictures reveal the energy around us and by knowing that energy we learn more about ourselves.  It is a fascinating part of my work.

I travel the United States demonstrating my gifts and teaching workshops on their development.  My travels primarily take me through Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, and Tennessee.  Please go to my website at www.johncappello.com for more information and to view my calendar of events.

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One of my clients told me she appreciated my work on Your Tango because she enjoys reading the articles I submit and she finds that the notifications she receives great advice from the site.  She said that whenever she has an issue that Your Tango has a perspective on it that helps her find peace.

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