A Practicing Psychic Shares 8 Of Her Favorite Professional Secrets

Bet you didn't guess No. 5!

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Have you ever wondered what thoughts are running through a psychic’s head? Are they constantly reading and predicting humanity’s future?

If you answered "yes" and are curious about the secrets of a psychic, you might be surprised.

Even though I'm a psychic — a middle-aged psychic at that — I still enjoy receiving readings for my own clarity. I have both a psychic and a life coach that help me stay balanced and well.


I truly value having both of these people in my life because I know they get me. In the same way, I understand them.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite psychic moves through life?

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Here are 8 secrets of a professional psychic, as told by one.

1. When I do a reading, I'm reading (feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing) the energy around you and the energy you're putting out into the world. 

This allows me to understand how you move through life. I see how connected you are to the other side. I’m shown how healthy you are and what your environment is like.


I feel the people in your life. I feel your fear and grief, love and joy.

I can pick up a lot, but I don’t read minds. In fact, it's almost impossible to hide who you really are. You can close yourself off but there's always energy emanating around you.

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2. I'm not always consciously reading energy.

On some level, I'm reading energy, much like I’m breathing, but I'm not aware of it. I don’t pause and tune in unless I’m doing a reading or if my guides bring something to my attention.

Sometimes, this happens if something catches my eye. I have to take a second look and then I get a message or some insight.


3. I'm not always reading people.

It would be exhausting and I honestly don’t care what's going on in others’ lives. I have my own life to focus on. 

Anybody that knows me can attest that I don’t care or want to know personal stuff about other people. In fact, I don’t want to know anything about a person before I do a reading.

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4. Meditation and prayer really are essential for my connection to the other side and for my wellness. 

My morning practice is one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s a way of sprinkling magic into my life every day.

5. Sometimes I see things (including in my family) that I know it’s not time to share. 

Often in my readings, I see things coming up for the person, but they are not in a place for the message to make sense.


They will book a reading a year later or even five years later and the message reappears and they are ready for it. This is one of my favorite things; watching people’s spirituality bloom.

Sometimes, what I pick up doesn’t make sense at the time or the client’s mindset is not allowing it to make sense. I always encourage people to write things down, it may make more sense in the future.

6. Psychics are human, we make mistakes. 

Being a psychic is decoding the messages being shared with you. Like everyone, we have good days and bad days, great readings, good readings, and some not so good.

As long as my readings stay high vibrational and helpful, I know I'm providing a valuable service.


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7. There are people I won’t give readings to. 

Either they won’t value the experience or I don’t want to dive into their story and feel all of their stuff.

Not often, but it does happen, in public there are people that make me very uncomfortable. They radiate such unhealthy and painful energy that I feel unwell.

Last weekend at a trailhead there was a person that was being very nice, but their energy held the suffering of not just them, but others in their life.

Sometimes I know my client’s partner is not great for them. This is not shared unless the client asks. I will never suggest divorce unless abuse is occurring.


Often, I see how my clients make their life very difficult. I usually suggest a few different ways of how they can look at life. This can put them on the path to a much easier way of living life.

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8. When I do readings, everything else falls away.

I truly honor the person I am reading. I can see the true you, often completely different than how you often present yourself to the world. I also see how you are supported and loved by the unseen world or the other side of the veil.

Sometimes I see things, but I have to prioritize because of time, so I don’t share.


Sometimes, if I get something for you that's really important, I reach out after our session.

I truly value my psychic abilities, but it's not just that.

I love that my awareness shifted to allow more possibilities into my reality. My world expanded into an amazing experience that believes in a higher power, angels, guides, other universes and even more mind-blowing things.

I'm a psychic but it's everything that my abilities are wrapped up in that I love and treasure.

I hope I have many, many more years of helping people discover peace, compassion, spirituality, and love. There will always be a special place in my heart for the people that become part of my community.


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Polly Wirum is an intuitive life coach, and writer who helps her clients with intuitive astrological readings, psychic readings and spiritual life coaching.