4 Steps To Using Visualization To Manifest Your Wildest Dreams

Manifest a dream that corresponds with your soul's highest journey.

4 Steps To Using Visualization To Manifest Your Wildest Dreams getty

What is creative visualization and how does it help with manifesting your dreams and desires?

As a cardiologist and a shaman, I use visualization in my medical practice.

Shamanism is embodied wisdom, dreaming your world into becoming. Sounds intriguing, right?

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Your wildest dreams could be a sexual fantasy, business, pleasure, achievement, or acting out.


Whatever your wildest dreams are, do they need to stay in the safety of private fantasy, or do you want to bring them into your life?

Are they wild and taboo because of what others think? Are they unsafe or lack worth? Are they impossible, difficult, or something your soul craves?

The nature of your wildest dreams has to be considered, even those that your heart desires that you think are not doable.

Visualization can help you move through these blocks. Whether your wildest dreams are big enough or "too big," you can have an active dream and be careful of what you dream of.

Choose carefully. Dream big and dream richly. Dream a dream that corresponds to your highest self.


The dream you desire hopefully would not be one of acting out some revenge on another. Be careful what you dream.

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Follow these 4 steps to creative visualization to manifest your wildest dreams.

1. Get comfortable. 

Find a safe, quiet place. Have a pen and paper close by to write with.

2. Breathe. 

Breathe easily and become still. Exhale. Let go. Let go more. Exhale through your mouth.

Inhale through your nose, exhale out through your heart. Inhale through your nose, and slowly exhale into your dream.

3. Relax.

...And relax some more.

4. Use your imagination.

If possible, find someone to read the following out loud. Close your eyes and use your imagination. 


Imagine you're walking down a beach. Feel the sand on your bare feet, feel the cool air and warm sun.

The wind is blowing your hat. You feel the sun and wind on your face. You walk with ease.

You keep walking. You smell the salty air and can taste it on your lips. You see an opening in the forest along the shoreline. You walk away from the beach and see an opening in the tree line.

There is a path. You walk on the path, the shoreline falls away, and the forest opens. You can feel the sand on the soles of your feet. The wind has died down, and you can smell the foliage heated up by the sun.

You relax and look around. You are the only one on this path. It is wide and easy, so you relax. You come upon a bridge.


As you walk over the bridge, you stop midway. You look down and notice the material the siding is made of — you feel the bridge on your feet.

As you pass over the bridge, a meadow opens up. In the middle of the meadow is a rock with an animal on it: a shapeshifter.

You walk up to this animal and ask for permission to go deep into your wildest dreams. You wait for your answer. It gives an answer.

If it's a "no" or you do not get an answer, you wait here. You may get a "yes."

If "yes," you walk up steps into a treehouse. You find a glass of water. You feel the water on your lips as its coolness invades your stomach. You lie down, closing your eyes.


You are transported into your wildest dream. Is it safe, or who cares? How do you feel? What are you risking? What will other people think?

Does it feel good? Do you want to come back to this dream again? What is the purpose of your wildest dream?

Why does this have to be a dream instead of reality? Can you make it real in you life? Do you want to? What is the map to your wildest dreams?

The questions and answers flow. Don’t judge. Just remember. Ask yourself, "Is there something I need to know?"

You sit up, take another drink of water, and thank the treehouse. You go down the stairs, find the shapeshifter, and thank them.

You ask the shapeshifter if you can bring your wildest dream back with you. You wait for an answer, "yes" or "no."


You will remember what you've learned, write it down immediately in a moment. You thank the shapeshifter and head out the meadow, into the forest, and over the bridge.

You look down. You feel the materials. Has anything changed? Take note.

You walk over the bridge. You walk through the forest to the shoreline. You walk and the sand. You come back.

You wrote some things down.

Now, read them. Tell us what you learned.

When you learn to dream while you're awake, you dream your world into becoming.

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Dr. Daniel Rieders is an Integrative and Environmental Cardiologist and Certified in Functional Medicine, Mind-Body Eating Coach and Energy Medicine. To find out more, visit his website.