How To Know If Someone's Low Vibrational Energy Is Bringing You Down

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We all have choices of how we choose to live our life. This includes the people we spend time with, the thoughts we think and the actions we take. With all the places your mind and body can travel, it’s important to check in and see what type of energy you are connecting with.

Keep reading and discover how to recognize if you have been exposing yourself to low vibrational energy.

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What is high vibrational energy?

High vibrational energy is awesome! It feels free-flowing with inspired thoughts, laughter, clarity, connection, and love all rolled into one experience. We connect to high vibrational energy through laughter, creative projects, and loving thoughts.

What part of your life is it easiest for you to surrender and trust the universe? Maybe your relationships are easy and free-flowing. Wherever you experience ease and grace, you are connecting with high vibrational energy.

What is low vibrational energy?

Low vibrational energy is slowly moving. It feels dense and heavy. It is the energy that is found in unloving experiences. Everything that stems from fear is low vibrational energy. This includes hate, anger, greed, distrust, resistance to change and much more.

Here is a quick exploration of where you might be connecting to low vibrational energy. What area of your life do you hold the most resistance to change or fear? Maybe you experience fear around the lack of abundance in your life. Where do you try to control the actions of others? This most likely holds low vibrational energy.

It is completely possible to transform your life by changing the energy you connect with.

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Transformation ahead

If you have ever colored Easter eggs you know what it looks like to expose something to a condition that results in a transformation of sorts. Imagine taking a white egg and dipping it into yellow dye. After the yellow coloring, you place it in pink and then orange coloring. Somewhere along the journey, a few cracks appeared in the shell. The colors seeped into the inner making of the egg causing changes beyond the protective shell. The deeper the crack, the greater the internal change.

Imagine dipping the egg into murky water with toxic bacteria, a different type of change occurs.

We are not unlike the egg, being exposed to different types of energy. Each of us has cracks in our protective shell, this is where we have the potential for healing and deep transformations. We get to choose beautiful energy or toxic and difficult energy.

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What can you do?

Meditation is one of the easiest ways to reconnect with your basic essence. This is important to help you stay aware of what your energy feels like. I could write a book about meditation, but the most important message is to keep it easy, so it becomes part of your daily practice.

Checking in with your essence daily will let you know when something needs to shift.

A story of transformation

A friend of mine has been on an intentional spiritual journey for about five years. During this time Mary has developed a very healthy daily practice that involves meditation. She has been developing her psychic abilities and connecting with her angels and guides.

Mary is a busy mom who works full-time. Creating a balanced life with a vibrant spiritual practice became one of her priorities.

Surrendering and trusting the process was sometimes challenging for her. For example, she shares amazing messages from Source in my psychic development class; yet sometimes she doubts what she is receiving.

Recently she went on a road trip that included a few days in Las Vegas. It was immediately apparent that she could not stay the intended length of time in the intense energy of Vegas. She felt overwhelmed and very uncomfortable and cut the trip short.

In the past, she had been able to enjoy a couple of days in the chaotic energy of entertainment, drinking and gambling. Clearly, her vibration has shifted and is no longer a match for dense energy,

Closed spaces where lots of emotions and unhealthy habits occur are sure to hold low vibrational energy. Vegas is not 100 percent low vibes, but it has a much greater percentage of dense energy than your favorite park.

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Here are five ways to know if someone else has low vibrational energy (that's affecting you, too)

1. Confusion and unclear thinking can occur when connecting with low vibrational energy

This can happen when you allow your thoughts to go into fearful places. It can also occur when you are in the presence of ungrounded low vibrational experiences. An example of this might be a bar setting, or any place substance abuse is occurring.

2. A feeling of being overwhelmed can happen in low vibrations

It’s like being stuck in a car full of people complaining. It doesn’t take long before you begin feeling their energy. Eventually, your system will tell you it’s time to go. Your body and mind can’t take any more drama.

3. Feeling tired is also a common feeling when you have had your fill of other people’s energy

If the people around you are high vibrational you will feel lifted up. If you are with low vibrational people, you might literally feel like they suck the energy from you.

4. If you stay in a situation of low vibrational energy you can begin to feel depressed

It will begin to look difficult to find your way to happiness. If you stay in a toxic job or relationship, it becomes difficult to see another way of life.

5. Staying in a low vibrational situation can begin to manifest physically in the body

Do you know any unhappy people that complain about their physical bodies? Our bodies and minds match the energy around us.

Thankfully we are in control of our energetic world.

Like the Easter egg, the longer we stay in the dye, the greater the transformation. All the little cracks let the coloring into more than just our physical body.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives. 

This article was originally published at Polly Wirum's website. Reprinted with permission from the author.