5 Ways Energy Healing Can Help You Recover From Heartbreak

In times of heartbreak, energy healing can facilitate the healing process. Here's how.

5 Ways Energy Healing Can Help You Recover From Heartbreak getty

One of the most common reasons people reach out for energy healing and support is for help learning how to get over heartbreak. And this is no surprise.

Heartbreak is one of the most excruciating experiences we can have in our lives. It literally feels as though your heart is breaking inside you.

In times of breakup and heartbreak, energy healing can facilitate and even accelerate the healing process, so that you can move forward in your life with renewed vitality and confidence.


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What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that works with the more subtle aspects of your nature. It acknowledges that you are more than just the physical experience of yourself. You are, at your source, energy.

Energy (the energy that you are and the energy that flows through you) is meant to move. When the energy within you flows freely, you experience health and well-being on all levels — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Your energy can become blocked and stagnant. 

Sometimes, your energy can become blocked or stagnant, whether that be from repressing an emotion or holding onto an experience. As a result, you experience "dis-ease" that can manifest in any number of ways.


For example, when you’re blocked energetically, you might have difficulty letting go of a past relationship or experience. Or, you might be stuck in a pattern of behavior that you know is not healthy, but can’t seem to pop yourself out of.

A professional energy healer can help. 

An energy healer can help you release energetic blocks and restore the natural flow of energy. In this way, energy healing focuses on the underlying causes of pain and disease.

Addressing healing at the level of energy is like weeding a garden.

As energy healers, we pull "weeds" (energy blocks) by the root for a more profound transformation, versus clipping the weeds at the surface only to have them grow back as even more robust.


When you heal at the level of energy, corresponding healing occurs on other levels of experience, including the emotional and physical.

As a result, energy healing fosters lasting personal transformation freeing you to recover from heartbreak, move on, and create from a more empowered experience of yourself.

Here are 5 ways energy healing can help you recover from heartbreak and move on.

1. It releases "stuck" emotions like anger, grief, and sadness.

Breakups can bring up intense emotions like anger, fear, grief, and sadness.

If you’re afraid of the intensity of your feelings, you might unintentionally block them. When these emotions are blocked, they get lodged in your energetic system and can hinder your ability to heal and to move on.


There are a host of energy-healing modalities. Depending on the modality you’re working with, the techniques used may look different on the surface.

However, the end goal and result is usually the same: To clear the blocked energy and restore your system to its natural state of dynamic balance and harmony.

2. You can "re-sort" these energies.

When a relationship ends, there’s often an exchange of material belongings. You return each other’s clothes, books, and other items. It’s a re-sorting process that happens in the material realm.

Similarly, a re-sorting process needs to happen on the energetic level of reality.

When we’re in a relationship, we’re in an energetic exchange with our partner. That’s one of the joys of relationships — to be so intimately connected to someone we love.


But when the relationship is over, it’s essential to clear your space of your ex’s energy while reclaiming your energy back from them.

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A skillful energy healer can help you re-sort the energies. Clearing your ex out of your space and calling your energy back to you will facilitate the separation process. It will help you think of them less and less, while having a more and more grounded sense of your self in the present.

3. You can "cut cords."

The "cord-cutting" process is similar to re-sorting the energies, but next-level.

A "cord" is an energetic attachment formed between two people that allows for an exchange of energy.


When the natural energetic exchange between two people in a relationship becomes imbalanced, it will undermine each partner’s ability to experience themselves and the other as whole, empowered individuals.

For example, if one partner suffers from low self-esteem, then they may create an energetic cord to their partner to receive validation. When this happens, an energetic attachment is created of one partner taking on the role of providing validation to the other.

This dynamic may “work” for the couple, but it doesn’t allow for both partners to experience each other in their full, empowered wholeness.

If there were cords developed during your past relationship, having an energy healer help you remove the cords will help you unhook from each other. This healing will help you let go with greater ease, so you can be available to connect with someone else in the future when you are ready.


4. It clears karma.

Karma gets a bad rap. The word “karma” can incite fear, and there’s certainly a lot of opinions about what it is and isn’t.

I like looking at karma through a straightforward and practical lens. To me, karma is simply something you’re learning. And the only way you can really learn something is to have experiences.


One way karma expresses itself is in a repetition of circumstances, events, or people. For example, you might experience the same type of relationship dynamic over and over. The opportunity of the relationship is to become aware of your part in the pattern, absorb the lesson, and release it.

So, think of karma between you and your ex as a spiritual agreement. You have an experience so that you learn something; it’s there to help you grow in wisdom.

Energy healing can help you identify karma and integrate the growth it offers. Ultimately, you’ll release the karma altogether and create a relationship from an expanded field of possibility.

5. It will restore your inner balance and connection to yourself.


When working with an energy healer to recover from a breakup, you come home to yourself in the process of clearing and integrating growth and healing.

You restore your connection to yourself, as well as your enthusiasm for life.

You create clarity about who you are now, in the present, and what you want to unfold next.

Energy healing is a powerful means of recovering from heartbreak.

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Elizabeth Hunter Diamond is a professional clairvoyant, energy healer, and executive and relationship coach. If you’d like to understand how energy healing can help you, book a session today for a clairvoyant reading & energy healing session.