What Your Attitude Number Means & How It Determines Your First Impression On Others

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The five core numbers in numerology dictate who you are and what your purpose, passions and potential life path will be. Your core numbers include your Birthday Number, Life Path Number, Personality Number, Expression Number, and Soul Urge Number.

But there's another number that gives you an idea of the vibe you give off when you meet people. And it's an important aspect of any social interaction.

What is an Attitude Number?

Your Attitude Number, also known as your Sun Number or Achievement Number, is all about the first impressions you make on other people. It may not even be in alignment with your true self, but is how you are perceived.

Although the Attitude Number is not included in the core five numbers, tapping into it can make you aware of your unique gifts, enabling you to reach prosperity and abundance.

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The Attitude Number represents how you come across to the rest of the world. It is not seen as one of the vital numbers in your numerology chart, but it is believed to be a strong indicator of your chances of success.

A perceived positive or negative attitude can make or break your chances of winning in relationships, with a life partner or business partner.

How to Calculate Your Attitude Number

Your Attitude Number is a simple calculation, using only your date of birth and birth month (DD + MM). Your year of birth is not a part of this calculation.

To calculate your Attitude Number, just add the numbers that correspond with your birth day and birth month.

For instance, if your birthday is January 5th, you would calculate as follows:

1 + 5 = Attitude Number 6

Note that Master Numbers cannot be Attitude Numbers. Unlike other core numbers in numerology, Attitude Numbers should always be a single digit. When you do the calculation and come back with double digits, it must be further broken down.

For instance, if your birthday is October 3rd, the calculation would go like this: 10 + 3 = 13. Because this is a double-digit number, it needs to be further calculated by adding the remaining digits together. In this case, 1 + 3 = Attitude Number 4.

You can also use an Attitude Number calculator to take away the guesswork.

Attitude Number Meanings

Once you’ve figured out your Attitude Number, you can determine important characteristics about how people view you, and lay the groundwork for reaching your highest potential.

Attitude Number 1

If you have Attitude Number 1, you give off an air of innovation, preferring to do things independently and in your own way. This can be good and bad because you rarely ask for help, even when you should.

A leadership role fits you well as you are driven, self-motivated and competitive. Despite all of that, deep down you carry some insecurities, so rely heavily on others for your validation.

Attitude Number 2

If you have Attitude Number 2, you appear to be the type of person who gets things done with diplomacy and kindness. Unlike Number 1s, you are collaborative by nature.

Number 2s are easygoing but can get caught up in managing the emotions of everyone around them. Your actions are rooted in love and compassion, but you can be overly emotionally sensitive.

Attitude Number 3

If you have Attitude Number 3, your creativity and social prowess will open doors for you. You are the life of the party, a jokester, always entertaining, and can create masterfully. You value friends and have a gift for inspiring others.

You can also be moody and all over the place. You hold yourself to a high standard and can be very self-judgmental. You usually spread joy, but when you are down everyone feels your wrath.

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Attitude Number 4

If you have Attitude Number 4, you come across as organized and seem to have exceptional management skills. You are responsible, honest, loyal, and people know they can depend on you.

You have a vast array of expertise and don’t mind sharing your knowledge with others. You can, however, seem emotionally aloof and detached, but have no tolerance for dishonesty or other values you feel strongly about.

Attitude Number 5

If you have Attitude Number 5, you are seen as a risk taker. You are fearless and progressive, always looking for new adventures. This usually pays off and brings you much success.

You are full of life and love to be the center of attention. The downside is that, everywhere you go, if drama ensues, you will probably be at the center of it.

Attitude Number 6

If you have Attitude Number 6, you are perceived as being service-oriented. You value family, home, and beauty, and all your endeavors are focused in these areas. You are a nurturer at heart and take care of those you love.

Number 6s can also appear to be control freaks, striving for perfection and always performing damage control. You will have to be careful of being never satisfied due to your need to meet your perfectionist standards.

Attitude Number 7

If you have Attitude Number 7, you seem to be good at strategizing, analyzing data, and using intuition effectively. You can appear standoffish, mysterious and calculating, always observing and processing.

You are wise and have a desire to share that wisdom with the world. However, your sense of passive-aggressiveness via sarcasm can be off-putting.

Attitude Number 8

If you have Attitude Number 8, you give a first impression of confidence and power. You are blunt, have strong opinions, and have no time for underachievers.

You love the freedom and security that money offers, but can become disheartened when there is a lack due to the importance you place on it.

Attitude Number 9

If you have Attitude Number 9, you give off a first impression of being a compassionate humanitarian. Natural teachers, your charisma causes people to gravitate to you and believe you are an authority.

You are a creative person who excels in the arts and knows how to fake it until you make it. Those with Attitude Number 9 struggle with receiving the fruits of their labor due to the need to serve others.

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