How To Use The 1/11 Portal On January 11, 2023 To Speed Up Your Manifestations

Angel Number 11123

Are you seeing the same number over and over again? Well, that's not a coincidence; in fact, these repeating number sequences are actually messages for you from your Ascended Masters.

While there are hundreds of thousands of these number sequences, sometimes they appear as specific dates. We can't put every individual meaning into just one article, but we can discuss the meaning behind Angel Number 11123, and its date, January 11, 2023 (1/11/23).

11123 Meaning

To fully understand the hidden message behind the number 11123, we need to know the meanings of the number combinations found within the sequence: numbers 1, 2, 3, 11, 111, 112, 123, 23, as well as reduction number 8.

Number 1 represents leadership, new beginnings, opportunity, inspiration, fresh starts, and intuition.

Number 2 symbolizes balance, prosperity, teamwork, peace, harmony, service, and, most importantly, partnerships.

Number 3 is associated with self-achievement, creativity, self-expression, and completion.

Number 11 represents letting your instincts guide you, as well as subconscious, sensitivity, and intuition.

Number 111 symbolizes manifestation, positive beliefs, and new beginnings.

Number 112 is associated with manifesting your dreams into reality, number 123 is all about trusting the universe, and number 23 symbolizes creativity and growth.

Number 8 is the reduction number in 11123 (1+1+1+2+3=8), and represents material freedom, financial abundance and wealth, compassion, self-reliance, independence and freedom, spiritual consciousness, and confidence.

With the powerful vibrations of the numbers combined, number 11123 is all about growing, both spiritually and personally, completion, beginning something new, and manifesting your dreams.

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Number 11123 Meaning In Numerology

Numerology is the study of numbers and the meanings associated with them. It's the practice of understanding how numbers affect our lives.

In numerology, number 11123 is very powerful because of its triple vibration of the number 1, and because it contains a Master Number. This makes January 11, 2023 an influential and even possibly life-changing day!

People who resonate with the number 11123 are hard workers who dream of achieving their goals in a timely manner and often stay on track. But despite being goal-driven, they may be fighting within themselves, and are looking to find peace and growth.

In addition to the triple vibration of number 1, the presence of Master Number 11 reveals that people who correlate with this number have great intuition, but may need help trusting themselves. On the plus side, they are extremely good with money.

1/11/23 Manifestation Portal

According to Master Sri Arkashana, manifestation portals can occur when the energy of numbers align in a specific way, which makes vibrational energy speed up for everyone. Just like April 4, 2022, January 11 is also portals, specifically 111 or 1/11.

January 11 is the first magical portal day of 2023. On days like this, it is important that you take action, as the vibrational energy of the day can boost the power within us all.

Manifestation coach and TikToker Hallie Avolio explains this magical day and how to use its power to manifest everything you want.



"In numerology, number 111 signifies new beginnings and a fresh start," she says. Avolio then explains that number 111 is "the number of 'I Am'... It's the universal gateway to claiming that everything you desire is already yours."

Avolio discusses how 111 is a friendly reminder that the universe has your back, and that you are connected deeply to your desires, manifestations, and dreams.

On January 11, 2023, during the 1/11 portal, there are a few things to do in order to manifest your desired reality:

1. Claim your desire or manifestation by writing it down in a journal or in a notes app on your phone.

"Claim your desire and say 'this is exactly what it is that I am calling in, in 2023,'" Avolio says.

2. Write down your desire in detail, specifically in emotional or sensory terms.

"How does it make you feel? Does it have a color? Does it have a scent? Does it have a taste? Write it down... and make sure you get as detailed as possible about this particular desire, and how it makes you feel when you think of it. Whatever emotions come up... the more emotional, the better," she adds.

Additionally, Avolio stresses the importance of spending time "embodying" everything you are looking forward to with this manifestation.

3. Say 11 things you are grateful for.

You can either write them down or say them out loud. They don't necessarily need to be relevant or connected to the desire you want to manifest.

"You tap into the energy of gratitude. This connects you to the universal vibration of love, of joy, and this will help you attract your manifestation into your life with ease," Avolio concludes.

Angel Number 11123 Meaning

Angel Numbers are subliminal messages your guardian angels use to communicate with you. They appear as random number sequences that pop up almost anywhere — on dates, the clock, bills, radio stations, and license plates.

Angel Number 11123 is all about taking action, manifesting your dreams, creating harmony within yourself, and getting in touch with your spirituality.

This Angel Number is calling for you to focus on finding yourself and connecting with your core, rather than being career-focused. It is urging you to make sure you have a harmonious balance between work and personal life.

You may be having a hard time listening to your intuition, and your angels are encouraging you to look within and realize that they are always on your team.

You need to start listening to yourself because you have the ability to make your dreams come true; not listening to yourself may be stopping you from fulfilling your potential and life purpose.

Therefore, Angel Number 11123 is asking for you to have faith in yourself.

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What does it mean when you see 11123?

1. Seeing Angel Number 11123 means going for your dreams.

If you keep seeing Angel Number 11123 everywhere, it's your angels encouraging you to go for your dreams. They want you to take action and create the dream life you've always wanted.

Your angels know you can do it; all you have to do is run towards it with everything you've got. Manifesting your dreams is just an affirmation away with Angel Number 11123 on your side.

2. Seeing Angel Number 11123 means growing within yourself and your spirituality.

Number 11123 means growth is coming your way, both with yourself and your spirituality. It is a message from your angels, urging you to dive into your spiritual side and begin your path to enlightenment.

When this number appears, you aren't where you need to be, and that's why it's time you started working on yourself.

3. Seeing Angel Number 11123 means finding peace within yourself.

If you are seeing this Angel Number, it's a warning that you aren't at peace with yourself. You may be struggling with inner turmoil and need to work through it. Your angels are urging you to find your true self and connect with it.

It's time you not only figure out how to be okay with who you are, but how to be happy with your true nature.

What does 11123 mean spiritually?

Spiritually, number 11123 means that you need to stop what you are doing and get in touch with your spirituality.

You aren't where you should be spiritually, and your angels are encouraging you to further your knowledge. This is all in an effort to help you connect to your higher self.

So, consider 11123 the encouragement you need to start your spiritual journey and find peace within yourself.

What does 11123 mean for twin flames?

Twin flames are mirror souls; essentially, twin flames are one soul split between two people. A twin flame connection is extremely intense and rare, and the soul is mirrored between two individuals who have a strong connection and understanding of one another.

As a twin flame number, 11123 is a warning that you aren't ready to meet your twin flame just yet. First, you must connect with your inner self before you begin this relationship.

Twin flame number 11123 is a sign that you need to work on yourself and find true peace on your own before diving into an intense relationship like this.

It's not all bad, though, because once you work on yourself, your twin flame will help you on your spiritual journey.

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