13 Everyday Habits That Can Help You Access Your Inner Medium

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The acceptance of the fact that you are psychic to some degree is a milestone, but did you know that you are a medium as well?

Learning about being psychic opens doors to your awareness and enriches your life. Being psychic allows you to be a medium. 

What is Mediumship and how do you access it?

A standard definition of mediumship and being a medium is a person through the spirits of the dead are alleged to be able to contact the living, according to, but this definition needs further explanation. 

Mediumship or being a medium is not just about communicating with the spirits of the dead. The expanded definition is "sensing a presence beyond your personal space."

This definition more accurately describes the abilities of a medium because there are other entities besides the "spirits of the dead" that need to be included.

Angels, guides, animal spirits, extraterrestrials, and the sensation of powerful people who are alive show up around you. The projection of a live person’s energy around another individual is a valid application of the term mediumship.

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The Difference Between Being a Psychic Vs. Mediumship

Psychic energy pertains to the past, present, and future around a person.

Reading the energy of a live individual around a client subject means you are reading a "presence beyond their personal space," which is mediumship.

It's important to know this distinction because it's valuable in your development.

Here are 13 things you can do to access your ability to be a medium:

1. Answer the question, "Am I psychic first?"

Learning to be a psychic means gaining an understanding of each of your psychic gifts. Understand the differences between each psychic ability.

It's a journey of self-discovery worth exploring.

2. Recognize that each psychic sense has a mediumship extension. 

This means that you should be able to recognize and observe entities with your psychic feelings, sight, hearing, knowing, fragrances and taste.

It's part of becoming a psychic medium because you're using your psychic skills to help you access your ability to be a medium.

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3. Take notice that your psychic abilities will allow you to analyze the "person or being" that you're sensing.

The detail you will receive with your psychic abilities will be enhanced. You will understand them better with your developed skills.

4. Meditate with a clear mind.

Meditation allows you to develop being an evidential or spiritual medium and have some control when you start accessing your mediumship skills. Create a safe environment to work with positive spirits and entities.

Ask your loved ones, guides, and angels to come to you. Get to know your helpers who reside beyond the physical dimension.

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5. Dwell upon discerning the kind of entity that you are sensing.

Recognize the different energy projected by a person in spirit, an angel, guide, animal, or other kinds of being.

Psychic mediums use this practice to gain insight into and hone their skills.

6. Set boundaries with the other dimensions and beings.

Let it be known that you're only interested in positive energy and beings coming to you. Inviting negativity to come to you is something you will regret!

There are enough things to go wrong in life without asking for it!

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7. Journal your impressions and seek validation from others.

They may be able to give you accurate information about the entity that you believe contacted you. Be open to accepting spirits or entities during your conscious time and your unconscious time. 

Your dreams are an additional source for learning about your mediumship ability.

8. Pay attention to cues that come from other dimensions and your environment.

This is so you're aware of the presence of entities. 

This is done by raising your psychic awareness and not dismissing unusual energies around you. 

Raise your awareness of sensing entities. You can use crystals or be in a place where you believe there are beings beyond your personal space.

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9. Read about other mediums, observe others using their gifts, or take a class with someone more advanced than you.

This allows you to gain insight into your own talent. Get readings from mediums to understand the mechanics of their gifts and apply them to you.

You may be good at being a medium, but you will never stop learning about sensing a presence.

10. Practice developing your skills with other people you trust.

When you work with others and receive validation from them you will develop confidence and trust the information you are sensing.

Use care with the words you use to describe your impressions because if someone claims you are inaccurate it can hurt your confidence.

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11. Learn to take care of yourself and your gifts.

Stay grounded, set boundaries, and don't overuse your abilities because you can physically feel the effects of over-exertion.

Fatigue, headaches, feelings of depression, overeating, substance abuse, and other potentially destructive behaviors are often associated with psychics who do not take good care of themselves.

12. Keep your gifts in perspective.

It's easy to start believing that your gift of mediumship is a "superpower" but you must understand that you're just the custodian of the gift and not the owner of it.

Allowing your ego to take over is an abuse of the ability and it is a good practice to exhibit some humility while using it.

13. Be responsible.

A good practice for a medium is to only use the gift when it's appropriate, have good intentions, and not use it as a weapon to hurt others. You will encounter people who are in grief and may want to keep a loss or a situation private.

It's important that a person’s feelings be respected, and your ability is used when permission is given to you by them.

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Practice makes almost perfect.

The idea of learning about yourself is a critical area of your development but in order to become proficient with your talent, you need to do a little more.

Observing, giving readings, and receiving readings are wise practices to follow during your internship and the general practice of this gift. There will never be a time when you will know everything so you will never be perfect.

It's the reason you'll be a "practicing" evidential or spiritual medium.

Accuracy is the goal when you use your psychic or mediumship skills, but you will need to learn that your psychic and mediumship impressions are interpreted by your experiences in your life.

This means that you may recognize an impression to mean something obvious to you but totally different to another person. It's the receiver of the information who determines the accuracy of the information you're giving them.

Use good habits when becoming a medium

The habits you use to discover and access your inner medium are about discovering and using your psychic skills first. You will need your psychic abilities to help you understand the entity that you are sensing. 

It's learning to observe them and being familiar with the way they work with you.

It's important to understand any messages an entity may be trying to communicate, and your developed psychic skills enable you to make accurate discernments.

A good psychic medium pays attention to their physical and psychic faculties. They have the habits of meditating, dwelling on beings beyond the physical, journaling, learning all they can about mediumship, and practicing.

The habits of taking care of yourself, staying grounded, and being responsible when working with entities and clients are important.

The practices and habits of a good psychic medium consider the vulnerabilities of those who receive a reading and must do their best not to do any harm to a person seeking information from a deceased loved one or any other information they may receive. 

Setting the right intention and careful use of your psychic medium gifts will allow you to grow and enrich your life and help others benefit from the messages you give to them.

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John Cappello, M. B. A., Psychic Medium, Speaker, and Author of metaphysical books and Angel Children’s books. You can learn more about John on his website.