3 Things A Manifestation Coach Will Never Do Now That She Understands How Powerful The Universe Is

Are you unintentionally self-sabotaging?

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Once you start believing things, the universe will align — it’s the underlying idea behind all the manifestation tactics you see floating around the internet. Whether you’re using a journal method, saying affirmations in the mirror, or simply setting reminders for a little self-love, you’re harnessing the power of the universe. 

So, if you’re taking anything from manifestation creators, like @alignment_with_koko, it should be that the universe is powerful — and you want it on your side. 


A manifestation coach revealed three ways you can harness the power of the universe to work in your favor.

In between the TikTok trends and bottomless wormholes of manifestation techniques, there’s a universal power that’s misunderstood by many. While thousands, even millions, use these techniques daily to align themselves with high frequencies of the universe, not many can articulate how they’re doing it. 

There are hundreds of studies that elaborate on the power of vibrational energy in alignment with the universe. One suggests a definite link between high vibrations and growth simulations that promote better health and faster achievement of aspirations. 


It’s exactly what this creator is able to put into words. She shares three simple principles to ensure that you’re harnessing the universe’s power to elevate your life and manifest all the good things that you deserve



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Here are 3 things never to do, according to a manifestation coach.

1. Never speak badly about yourself.  

What you put out into the world, comes back to you — whatever you want to call it, it’s the truth. At least according to this creator on TikTok, the laws of the universe trickle more into our daily lives than we’d like to admit. 


So throw out all of the negative self-talk and self-hatred, everything from looking down on your appearance to finding ways to excuse your toxic habits. If you don’t respect and love yourself, the people around you won’t either — it starts from within. Changing how you speak about yourself, even if it seems strange and uncomfortable at first, will raise your vibrations in a way that’s magnetic to new opportunities, love and respect from the people around you. 

“I hype myself up 24/7 and you need to be doing that too,” this creator says. “Because I’m telling you right now, you become so magnetic when you have so much self-love for yourself.”



The transformative nature of positive self-talk is more diverse and incredible than many people know. Studies from the Mayo Clinic show that positive self-talk can improve your lifespan, lower depression and distress, and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other heart issues.


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2. Never say ‘you can’t’ — especially towards financial opportunities or situations relating to money. 

Narratives around “money manifestation” are typically pitched negatively — many dialogues suggest people practicing this technique simply make risky investments or financial decisions and “leave the rest up to fate.” However, the idea of manifesting wealth and prosperity is far from that — in fact, there’s no risk taken on. As this creator suggests, you don’t need to stretch yourself financially, only flip the narrative to ensure you’re not pigeonholing yourself into a stagnant situation. 

According to one study, those who visualize their financial goals and reframe their mindset about their financial status are twice as likely to be satisfied with their financial outcomes. “Money flows” where it’s able to, as this creator excitedly shares — so instead of spending time and energy thinking about what “you can’t do” think about the opportunity for growth instead. 

Of course, with the state of the world today, it’s impossible for many to not stress out about bills, their next paycheck or how they're going to put food on the table — that’s a non-negotiable. However, when you “flip the script” and reflect on your situation in a radically different way, you’re actually more likely to achieve what you wish for.


So, in the words of the creator herself, “Stop living from a ‘lack mindset’ and start being a delusional queen.”

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3. Never stop regulating your nervous system.

Instead of ‘grinding’ through anxiety and stress, adopt and use emotional regulation practices regularly. Whether it be first thing in the morning or in an intermission of your day — adopting emotional regulation tactics can be a healthy way to ensure you’re making space for healthy thoughts and positive interactions with the people around you. 

Anytime a trigger pops up, try a technique — whether it be breathwork, EFT tapping, yoga or a quick meditation session. Clearly, breathwork is the easiest of the bunch — a few quick deep, conscious, and consistent breathing exercises are a discrete way to quickly recenter yourself. 




Studies show that regular emotional regulation tactics are linked to more balanced and happy mindsets and financial success, and not everything has to be a deep and philosophical revelation. Things like consciously breathing through anxious thoughts are a powerful way to regulate your emotions. In turn, you become a more self-aware being, developing habits that transfer to so many areas of your life. 

According to this creator, "You don’t need to react to every little thing. Remember, when you dominate thoughts — they create.” 


Lingering on anxious ideations or outlandish scenarios causing you stress will only be damaging for you in the long run. Take time to regulate and react accordingly, whether it be in response to your own thoughts or others. 

The more mindful you can be in creating a positive mindset and thoughts, the more powerful you are in creating the life that you want — so, be delusional in a self-aware and healthy way. 

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