Woman Puts Her Used Pregnancy Test In Her Husband's Mouth To Reveal That She's Expecting

"Does he know where that thing's been?"

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We’ve all seen our fair share of adorable pregnancy announcements on the Internet, whether it be a wife surprising her husband with a sonogram photo or refusing a glass of wine for an exciting reason. 

We typically don’t watch a pregnancy reveal and think that it’s “gross.” 

However, one woman defied the pregnancy reveal norm to surprise her husband and viewers are disgusted. 

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The woman placed her pregnancy test in her husband’s mouth.

In a TikTok video posted by @taylormakesvideos that has generated over 760,000 views, a woman approaches her husband with a positive pregnancy test. 

“Honey, can I check your temperature?” she asks him, pranking him that she is holding a thermometer. 



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Her husband agrees and opens his mouth as the woman places the top of the pregnancy test underneath his tongue. 

“Put your tongue down,” she instructs him before he closes his mouth. 

The woman makes her husband hold the test under his tongue for a few moments before asking him to take it out and read what it says. 

When he removes the test, he appears to be confused at first. His expression suddenly changes when he realizes it is definitely not a thermometer in his hands. 

“You’re pregnant?!” he shouts eagerly. The woman hollers in exhilaration to confirm the happy news. 

While the man’s reaction is adorable without a doubt, it is the way his wife chose to surprise him with the pregnancy that has people conflicted. 


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Many TikTok users believed that the pregnancy reveal was ‘gross.’ 

“She peed on it though…” one user pointed out. 

“I'm always grossed out by how many people handle the sticks in these reveals,” another user shared. ‘

“He hasn’t even registered that she has peed on that and now it’s been in his mouth,” another user wrote. 

“I think that the man is going to the hospital before the woman..,” another added. 

Others hoped that the test the woman placed in her husband’s mouth was not her actual pregnancy test. 

“I think she just drew the plus on with a pen and peed on a different test,” one user suggested. 


“Or she got a clean one and wrote on the display just to convey the point she was pregnant,” another user speculated. 

“The plus sign is drawn on. She didn't pee on that stick,” one user who looked closely at the test believed. 

While we are more than happy for the expecting parents, we just hope that the next time the woman takes a more sanitary approach to sharing the news. 


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