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Grandmother Shares Her Ruthless Reaction To Learning Her Daughter Is Pregnant Again

Mom angered by daughter's pregnancy

A couple recorded their mother's surprising reaction to their pregnancy announcement for their third baby in a viral TikTok video.

While a pregnancy announcement is often taken as good news, this grandmother shared a different reaction when her child revealed her third pregnancy.

In the TikTok video, the couple’s mother thought that they can’t handle a third child.

The couple is seen sitting in the backyard of their house with their mother and thought to make the announcement for their third child.

There is a sonogram of the couple's third baby in their mother's hands as they record her reaction, thinking it would be one of joy.



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“Another one? Already? You can’t handle the two you have,” the disappointed grandmother said.

The smile on the pregnant woman’s face soon turned into a frown after hearing what her mother said. 

As everyone had been shocked by the grandmother’s reaction, there was some silence but she still asked again.

“Really? Another baby?” the grandmother added as she was in disbelief.

The couple then reassured her that they really were having another baby.

Then she looked at the picture of the sonogram in her hands and let out a huge sigh. 

The pregnant woman then said, “That’s really messed up, mom.”

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The grandmother continued to look disappointed while the camera panned out and the video ended with the expecting dad also being unhappy with the grandmother's reaction.

It seems she has had a lot of experience with the couple taking care of their kids and knows how they handle being parents.

However, she decided to be brutally honest about it with them even if it meant disappointing the expecting couple.

TikTok users applauded the mother for her honesty and thought she was concerned for the kids.

One user wrote, “I WISH more people were honest like this! Children are not toys. They are full human beings and it takes time, money, resources, and love for each one.” 

Another user wrote, “In my workplace, I often see young couples that cannot handle their kids. It's chaos the moment they enter the building so I totally get her reaction.”

“You can see Grandma is concerned, genuinely concerned for the children. This is an honest response,” another person wrote.

Many TikTok users thought that the reason for the grandmother’s reaction was that she got stuck with the children often.

One person commented, “If grandma has this reaction… she 1000% has to help them more than she wishes [to].”

Another person commented, “Honest mom right there. She probably gets stuck on the weekends with the grandkids. Bravo Grandma!”

However, there were some people who felt bad for the couple as they were quite excited about the baby.

“Why the hell would anyone say something so hurtful?” one person wrote.

“Honesty is good, but... cases like this you can't change it anymore nor would they want to, so this only hurts their relationship,” another person wrote.

One person commented, "What's done is done. this is only damaging their relationship. say congrats, the time for discussion about upping their game is not now."

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