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Woman Sparks Debate By Announcing Her Pregnancy At Her Best Friend's Bachelorette Party

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A pregnancy reveal video has sparked debate among TikTok users, and they are unsure if they should be happy for the mom-to-be or angry with her for stealing a significant moment from her friend.

Many people in the comments shared their opinions and argued about whether or not she messed up.

The woman announced that she was pregnant during her best friend's bachelorette party. 

The video was posted on TikTok by Katie Jo and shows her and her friends on a beach celebrating at Katie’s bachelorette party.

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Each of the seven women approaches the camera and tells viewers where they bought their dresses and jewelry. 



When the woman goes right before Katie to display and describe her outfit, she reveals that she is pregnant.

She lists where her items are from before making the surprise announcement. 

“Zara, Kendra Scott, Alyssa’s wedding, and a baby bump from Riley,” she says, referencing her partner and placing a hand over her stomach. 

At first, Katie appears confused and starts introducing her dress, while her friends laugh and squeal off camera.

“I did not know that was happening!” one of them can be heard saying. 

The bride-to-be then turns to her friend, who tells her she’s two months pregnant. Katie is ecstatic, embracing her friend as they celebrate the happy news.

“When your best friend tells you she’s pregnant at your bachelorette party,” she wrote in a textpost in the video.

“I love you bestie. You’re going to be the best mama.” 

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“The best gift. Can’t wait to watch you be the best parents,” she captioned the post.

The video has been viewed over nine million times since its September 5 release. 

TikTok users had conflicting feelings about the video. 

Despite Katie and her other friends at the bachelorette party appearing to be overjoyed by the news, others criticized the woman’s timing of the pregnancy announcement. 

“She could have been like ‘I got it wrong, lemme go again.’ Let the bachelorette party be about the bride,” one TikTok user commented. 

“The pregnant girl is like ‘how can I make this about me’ even if the bride is happy for you, this will probably shift the focus of the night,” another user wrote. 

“Oh man that’s your day/night though, I would never steal the limelight like that from my friend's day but you handled it so well,” one user shared, referencing the bride-to-be’s heartfelt reaction. 

Others however did not see an issue.

“They obviously love each other very much and she knew announcing her pregnancy would bring joy to the occasion. Congrats to both of you!” one user commented.

“I mean it’s a bachelorette she needs to let them know she can’t drink if my friend did this I’d be ecstatic y’all need to chill,” another user wrote. 

Katie herself made it clear that she has no hard feelings toward her pregnant bestie and that she is thrilled for her. 

“How can I surprise my best friend with the most amazing news ever,” she wrote in response to a user who commented, “definition of ‘how can I make this about me.'” 

Congratulations to the bride and mother-to-be! 

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