Woman Struggling With Infertility Slams Sister For Her 'Insensitive' Pregnancy Announcement

What was her sister supposed to do?

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A woman is being criticized for her reaction to hearing that her sister is pregnant.

She posted about the entire debacle to the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A-hole), a forum where users where users try to figure out if they were wrong or not in an argument that has been bothering them.

"My husband and I have been having a long struggle with infertility. We have been getting treated and trying for a baby since 2017," the woman's Reddit post began.


"But nothing worked! My husband is understandably devastated as he'd always wanted kids but never got the chance to be a father."

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The woman was upset after her sister announced she was pregnant.

The woman explained that her husband gets sensitive around the topic of pregnancy because they are unable to have their own child, which her family is aware of.

During a family dinner a few days ago, her sister and husband told their entire family that they were expecting.

The rest of the family were thrilled about the baby, while the woman and her husband were left stunned.


"As everyone got up to congratulate them. My husband got up, pushed his chair to the side, and walked out," she said.

After her husband walked out in a storm of anger, the woman turned to her sister and said that she was inconsiderate for announcing her pregnancy without being sensitive toward her husband's feelings.

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Her sister argued that his "issues" aren't her problem, and that "she and her husband were fed up walking on eggshells around him."

She called her sister "selfish and cruel" for saying that, while the sister "complained that he ruined their joy" and the woman "made it worse by making a scene."


"I told her she shouldn't have [chosen] my parent's house but she said I have no place to dictate what she does in our parent's house. My mom asked me to go home and I went."

Since the incident, the woman's parents expressed that she had reacted "poorly" to her sister's news and should apologize.

A majority of people who commented on the woman's Reddit post agreed that she was in the wrong.

"What exactly would you consider an appropriate way for her to announce her pregnancy?" one user wrote.

"Or did you expect her to keep it a secret until the child was born, until it was old enough to graduate, for the rest of their lives?"

Another user added, "I am sorry for your infertility issues. However, you don't get to take happiness away from other people because of it."


"This is not about you or your husband. Your sister is also [at] her HER parents' house and wanted to share their good news," a third user chimed in.

"They don't owe you anything and it's unfair [for] you or your husband to expect to lessen themselves because of your struggles."

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