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Woman Helps Cheating Husband Recover From Serious Accident — Only For Him To Cheat Again

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Imagine cheating on your nothing-but-faithful wife who then helps you recover from your near-fatal car crash and is there every step of the way — only to cheat again as soon as you regain mobility in your fingers.

If this seems unimaginable, then think again.

One woman shared the story of her husband cheating on her a second time after she helped him recover from a serious car accident.

In a TikTok video that has accumulated over 200,000 views, Kate Sifu revealed the heartbreaking details of her doomed marriage through the “put a finger down if this has happened to you” trend. 

“Put a finger down if your husband left for a work trip and ended up going missing and you found him in the hospital because he got into a bad car accident and he went into a self-induced coma and the doctors tell you they don’t know if he’ll ever wake up,” she began.

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“And the same day, you find out that he had been cheating on you for years, living a double life under a different identity, and you still stuck by his bedside for a month waiting for him to wake up.”

If that was a lot to take in all at once, Sifu shared an even more in-depth background of her how she caught her husband cheating after his accident in a follow-up video.

Before delving into the full story, the woman acknowledged that she and her now ex-husband have two young children together and that she wanted to remain respectful toward him.

Sifu revealed that her husband had gone on a work trip and that he failed to answer his phone when she tried calling him.

“Immediately my brain goes to the worst-case scenario and I start freaking out,” she says.



A few hours later, she received a call from Highway Patrol who informed her that her husband had been in a car accident and was being airlifted to a hospital.

“So I get to the hospital and he goes into surgery because he had broken so many bones in his body,” Sifu explains. “He comes out of surgery, doesn't wake up and they discovered that he had many strokes and a very traumatic brain injury.”

Doctors told Sifu that they were unsure if her husband would ever wake up or if he would make a full recovery if he did wake up.

The woman was overwhelmed by guilt, worried that her husband may have been texting her when he got into an accident, and decided to check his phone to find out.

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Checking his phone delivered even more devastating news.

“Immediately, a conversation pops up between him and another female on a different Snapchat account under a different name,” Sifu says. “He travels a lot for work so there were all these women all over [his phone].” 

Additionally, her husband had been using multiple dating apps under a false name. 

Sifu was conflicted, saying “The kids still need their dad, and he’s in this position and you can’t just fall out of love with someone immediately,” she says.

She originally decided to stay by her husband’s side. He woke up after 30 days in a coma.

During what she calls “not my proudest moment,” Sifu confronted her husband about his infidelity in the hospital shortly after he woke up.

“I pulled up a picture of one of the females and I was like, ‘who is this?’ and obviously he was still very disoriented so he did not give me the right answer,” she says. “But as time went on, he finally admitted that he did cheat on me, but said he was sorry and said all the s–-t that guys say to get you back.”

Given their unique situation, Sifu decided to stay by her cheating husband’s side while he recovered.

“I literally was there to help him learn how to eat, learn how to walk, and I literally showed him how to use his phone… just for him to start talking to other females again,” she explained.

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Viewers wanted to learn more about how Sifu’s husband cheated a second time, and she delivered with a juicy follow-up video.

She explains that her husband had to attend a rehabilitation center every day to aid in his recovery.

Since the facility was out of state, she could only visit him on the weekends. 

The couple was able to receive marriage counseling through the rehab center.

“At the end of the day, I wanted to say that I fought for my marriage and I tried to make my marriage work,” she explains. “He lied through the whole thing.”

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One weekend while she was visiting, Sifu went through his phone, clearly unable to trust him now, and discovered that he was still in communication with other women.

“He didn’t even try to hide it anymore, and I don’t know if it was because of the brain injury he didn’t know how to hide it or he just didn’t think he had to,” she says. 

She adds that her husband’s brain injury may have clouded his judgment and he did not understand what he was doing was wrong.

At this point, she knew that their marriage was over.

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However, when her husband was discharged from the rehab center, he was not allowed to live on his own.

“So guess which b–-ch brought him home, it’s me!” she shares.

Although they were separated, Sifu says that their children were “crying” every night begging her to bring their dad home since they hadn’t seen him since before the accident and she ultimately decided to put her emotions aside for their sake.

A few weeks later, her husband’s mother flew in to pick him up, and they moved into an apartment together. 

“Yeah, I gave him back to his mama,” Sifu says, proving that karma is in fact a b–-ch.

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