Woman Catches Husband & Babysitter 'Making Out' In Front Of Her Daughter On Hidden Camera

Their daughter was in the room while it happened.

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Nanny cams can be used for various reasons, including monitoring children during their naps and ensuring that the house is in order.

They can also be utilized to catch unfaithful spouses. 

One woman caught her husband cheating on her — with their babysitter — after placing a hidden camera in their living room. 

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The woman’s hidden camera captured her husband and the babysitter ‘making out’ in the living room. 

Sharing her story on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest, the 31-year-old woman described the shocking revelation. 


She initially decided to place the camera in the living room after having suspicions that her 34-year-old husband may be behaving inappropriately with the 17-year-old babysitter that they hired to mind their three-year-old daughter four months prior. 

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The woman shared that she works full-time as a nurse while her husband works three nights a week and sleeps during the day. 

“I felt I was going crazy because something was off and he refused to ease my mind and answer questions I had,” she wrote of her husband’s odd behavior leading up to the discovery. 

To confirm her suspicions, she placed a camera in the living room anticipating catching her husband and babysitter in the act. 

For the first few days of the camera being active, nothing happened until the fourth day when it captured disturbing and shocking footage. 

“He and the babysitter were making out on the couch behind my daughter's back while she was watching TV,” she wrote. 


“I felt like my entire world came crashing to the ground.” 

She had already been feeling guilty for being too committed to her work and feared her husband felt neglected.

However, she ultimately decided to confront him on the matter and leave him, taking their daughter with her. 

“He started crying when confronted and tried to get me to listen but I took my daughter and went to stay with mom,” the woman wrote. 

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She added that her husband blamed the babysitter for initiating the affair. 

While her husband was the one who strayed from the marriage and cheated, the woman shares that she bears some responsibility since she feels as if she did not treat him like a priority. 


“He managed to make me feel guilty for not dressing up or giving him enough attention now I do strongly believe I bear part of the blame for what happened,” she wrote.

“I feel disgusted and my mind and heart keep racing not knowing how to deal with all of this.” 

The woman’s husband’s family has reached out to her and is attempting to defend his actions. 

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Other Redditors empathized with the woman and offered her advice on how to go about her new reality. 

“He took advantage of a 17-year-old girl, made you feel like shit for working full time vs his 3 days, and literally put the blame for it on a teenager in your employ,” one user pointed out. “Do what’s best for YOU and your daughter, not a cheating piece of s–t.” 


“He's crying because he got caught. Remember that. Cheaters rarely give a damn about others' feelings,” another user shared. 

“He complained about your job, you were pushing him to the side yet the babysitter seduced him?” another user pondered.

“Every marriage is different and you have a child so you obviously will have to talk it out...but personally, I'd be done.” 


We hope that this hard-working woman sees her worth and eventually finds someone who will appreciate her instead of blaming their infidelity on her job. 

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