Girlfriend Films Boyfriend Sobbing Uncontrollably After He Was Caught Cheating

The girls had each other's backs.

TikTok cheating boyfriend TikTok

A woman on TikTok is going viral after revealing how her boyfriend reacted to her confronting him about his cheating.

After the woman he cheated on her with told her what had happened, it was the unfaithful boyfriend who decided to have an extreme reaction — not the girl who had her heart broken by someone she expected to be loyal.

The woman posted videos of her boyfriend sobbing uncontrollably after he cheated.

On the Tiktok profile @wwydfakb1, the woman posted three videos of the boyfriend's reaction after he was caught.


The video caption for the first video reads, "When you get busted cheating and throw a fit cause the girls got each other's backs."



In the first video, we hear the girlfriend saying, "I mean really?" before the camera pans to the boyfriend as he sits near the corner rocking back and forth, scratching his head, and clenching his hands into fists while sobbing uncontrollably. 


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One comment reads, "A CHILD THAT'S A CHILD."

Viewers noted that there's nothing wrong with crying but the man seems unreasonably hysterical for someone who ought to be trying to explain himself or console his partner.

"He's acting like a child would when caught doing something bad. Expressing healthy emotions is good, but this isn't healthy; it's leftover bad behavior," another comment reads.

The second and third videos continue to showcase his reaction.

In a second video posted, the user shares audio of his sobs and the man clearly struggles to come to terms with the consequences of his actions.




In the final video posted, the boyfriend is still seen on the floor crying and saying, "You f---ing b--ch."

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It was revealed from the comments that the girl who cheated with the boyfriend was present in the room.

One comment asked if the boyfriend really did call her a b--ch, to which the original poster said, "Not me, but yes, the girl there."




Many wanted to know the story of what happened, but @wwydfakb1 has not posted anything other than those three videos. 

One user asked if they had better videos rather than these short ones, to which she replied, "Girl, no lol obviously wasn't tryna get caught. This guy would go f---ing ballistic and do way worse."

While many comments in the first video are defending the boyfriend's reaction, others are not saying this is not a healthy reaction to being caught.


Commenters have even warned the girlfriend that this man could be an abusive partner who is attempting to manipulate her with his emotional reaction.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse or violence, there are resources to get help.

There are ways to go about asking for help as safely as possible. For more information, resources, legal advice, and relevant links visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline. For anyone struggling with domestic abuse, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). If you’re unable to speak safely, text LOVEIS to 1-866-331-9474 or log onto

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