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Husband Tells His Wife He's Seeing Someone Else & Asks Her To 'Hang In There' Until He Decides Between Them

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When your marriage is turbulent, it disrupts every aspect of your life.

Oftentimes, women are expected to "ride or die," tolerating things a husband would never think to put up with.

TikToker Akeeper Cheek (@akeeperc1) is going through exactly that, telling the story of her heartbreaking experience with her husband, who recently dropped some news on her that no wife ever wants to hear.

Akeeper Cheek learned that her husband was cheating on her.

The video starts with the distraught woman peering into the camera as tears stream down her face.

She finally finds the words to say, “So, I know that the lord has something in store for me. I know he does.”

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The words “hurt wife” caption the video as Cheek goes on to say how difficult it is to stay positive and have faith in the midst of what she is currently going through.

She states, “I am now feeling as if I’m just being used.”

She explains that her husband told her, “I love you. I’m in love with you. I want to be with you, but I’m going through whatever I’m going through, and I want you to hang in there. I want you to know that I’m gonna get right.”

Cheek then details the current state of her marriage, saying, “We don’t talk anymore. We don’t make plans anymore and I feel like I’ve lost him.”

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Cheek explained that he was still talking to the woman he cheated on her with.

She then drops a bombshell, telling viewers, “To put the icing on the cake, he says I’ve met someone and me and the person I met are talking.”

Trying to make sense of a husband telling his wife he is actively dating someone else, Cheek exclaims, “But, we’re married. If anybody can tell me that’s okay, I’m not going to believe it.”

She then holds her head up and says, “But I do want to say that despite my tears right now, I’m going to move forward but I’m hurting real bad and I’m the only one. My tears don’t mean anything to him.”

Cheek tells viewers that her feelings are now a burden on him and that he refuses to talk to her.

She gathers her resolve and says she will not chase her wayward husband any longer and is giving up on waiting for him to “get right.”

In the end of the video, the distraught wife proclaims, “I deserve love, but now I don’t know what love is.”

She starts to share more of her feelings but abruptly ends the recording, unable to continue.

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Viewers didn’t hold back when giving advice to the scorned woman.

One person said, “If he ghosted you, respect the dead! Do you! Dry those tears up. You are not used. You are chosen and favor by God. Forget him!”

Another person felt the same, telling Cheek, “Act like you don’t care! Once he sees you going on, he’ll start chasing you! Oldest trick in the book. He’s feeding off your weakness. Gotta be strong.”

Many people were supportive and sympathetic toward the woman, explaining that they'd gone through similar experiences.

Most people held her in their prayers and gave her words of encouragement.

However, everyone was left wondering what became of the hurt wife, so Cheek posted a second video where she spoke directly to the women who behave like the one carrying on an affair with her husband.

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Cheek's follow-up video is an address to the homewreckers.

She says, “To all those women comforting and s-xting the married men, your day will come and what goes around comes around. And not only for him, but for you as well.”

She claims that she doesn’t have any anger toward them because the blame for an affair should be placed squarely on the meandering husband.

Yet, she continues to stress that God doesn’t like "ugly" and that those women will get what’s coming to them.

Cheek shares that she hasn’t acted out in anger due to her faith in God.

She says she is thankful, although hurt and promises to pray for the women laying with married men.

Yet, she again promises that they will pay for their transgressions.

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She admits that she still values the marriage she has with her husband.

As the video heads toward its conclusion, Cheek shares that she wants her husband to feel the same pain she does but can’t bring herself to “be bad.”

She tells viewers that no matter her husband’s behavior, she values the sanctity of marriage.

Lastly, she questions how anyone could do a person they claim to love like this.

The TikToker is having trouble wrapping her mind around her husband’s actions but does know for certain that she does not deserve to be treated so callously.

Users were quick to offer support and inspiration.

One woman posted, “Get happy. was married for 22 years and divorced. Girl, the best thing is peace. I promise you this YOU WILL GET OVER IT.”

A relative stepped into the comments and offered, “As your cuzzo (cousin), I am asking you to go talk to someone. Hurt if you must but only for a little while. keep that beautiful smile.”

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