Woman Films Herself Camping Outside Boyfriend's Hotel Room To Catch Him Cheating

That's one way to catch your cheating partner.

TikTok catching cheater TikTok

A viral TikTok video is showing the lengths one woman and her friends went to catch a man who they believed was cheating on one of the girls in the group.

TikToker LoveBrielle and her pals recorded their interesting approach to a girl's night, generating quite the reaction on the app.

The women camped out a hotel room to catch the cheating boyfriend.

In the first part of the video Brielle posted, it shows her filming her friend, who's kneeling, waiting to catch her boyfriend and their third friend mixing drinks while they wait on the hallway floor.


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The caption on the video read, "Waiting to catch him cheating," which shows them getting ready with their phones. 



Commentors largely praised the three girls with Benefit Cosmetics even saying, "Never been more proud of the sisterhood."


But one comment exclaimed how sad this was, saying, "These men that aren't worth it legit have girls drinking on the floor putting their time into him yet again..."

Some agreed to this, saying this will boost this man's ego for being exposed on a viral level, which can have a dangerous effect.

Brielle decided to update everyone who wanted to know what happened.

Posting a part two to her TikTok, Brielle updated her followers, revealing that her friend had been seeing this man for two and a half years.

"This guy literally makes us run around the whole entire city because we're supposed to be staying with him, and we're thinking things are getting a little bit sus at this point," she says in her video. 


This was when her friend realized that while she had changed her phone number and got a new phone, her old phone had his address shared to it and they could track his location — they were only five minutes away from the hotel where he was staying.

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They headed to the hotel and ask for the man's last name and request what hotel room he is staying in, stating that they were his friends.


"We come, and we literally hear him and another girl talking on the outside of the hotel," she states in her video. "So we just waited there outside the room for him and her to come out."

She sums it up by saying that the girl who was in the room had no idea that the guy she was seeing was dating someone for almost three years, and sadly we were not given the story of what the outcome was when he opened the door to see them there. 

Brielle does, though, turn her phone to her friend laying on the bed, asking, "We single?" to which her friend confirms, "we're single." 

Many in the comments section didn't want this update but rather wanted to see the video of the man being confronted and being found out. 


While we don't get the video of the moment the boyfriend was exposed, many users praised the length these girls went to help her friend expose the man she was seeing, but others saw it as a waste of time to expose someone and give him exposure when he didn't deserve it. 

"It's not about the man being worth the effort at this point," One user wrote. "It's the principle, the look on his face and he can't gaslight her about it not happening."

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