Woman Says She Caught Boyfriend Cheating After Noticing 'Clue' In His Trash

Is he guilty or not?

Woman Says She Caught Boyfriend Cheating After Noticing 'Clue' In His Trash TikTok

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after noticing an apparent clue that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Bella Haraguchi posted a video of the “clue” to the platform on July 7. The video has blown up since it was posted,  amassing over 1.5 million likes and nearly 6,000 comments.

Haraguchi had the house to herself one day while her boyfriend went to the gym. Her alone time was interrupted when she noticed something odd in her boyfriend’s trash bag.


She found another girl’s hair clip in the garbage. 



After finding the hair clip, Haraguchi texted her boyfriend to ask what was going on. Rather than just calmly explaining the situation, he tried to gaslight her into thinking it was hers. She then asked why he threw it away if that was the case, leading to a strange response.


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“Cause I knew you’d say something,” her boyfriend said in text. “Always trying to argue.”

Her boyfriend then asks her to stop and says that the hair clip may be his. After having enough of the feud, she then outright said she doesn’t believe him. 

“Oh is it? I just won’t see you the rest of the weekend if you’re going to lie,” Haraguchi said. 



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Haraguchi then posted a follow-up video two days later with additional details. She said that her boyfriend has longer hair and uses hair clips frequently, explaining why he said it was his.

She also revealed the truth behind the hair clip.

It belonged to a girl he was with before Haraguchi.

She explains that she and her boyfriend had only been talking for a month and a half, and only officially dating for a couple of weeks. She says she had seen the hair clip before, but seeing it in the trash gave her a reason to ask about it. She could live with the hair clip belonging to another woman, but the deception frustrated her. 

“I am upset about the lies, because they don’t make any sense, first of all,” Haraguchi said. “I’m not mad that it’s another girl’s because I kind of knew it. I just kind of tested him because I wanted to see what he would say."


“And yeah, he lied really bad.”

She says that she is happy in the relationship and to not worry for her sake. However, commenters on both videos harshly criticized her boyfriend for his actions. In particular, many took issue with the manipulation and lack of communication he showed in the text messages.

“THE WAY HE TRIED TO FLIP IT BACK ONTO YOU TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE YOU'RE THE ISSUE … run away from him right now,” a commenter on the first video said.


“He was still gaslighting though,” a commenter on the second video said. “Even if he was telling the truth he needs to learn how to better communicate.”

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