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Woman Calls Out Date Who Boasted About His High Salary After Insisting They Split The Bill

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Dating etiquette and how to behave on a first date is a highly debatable topic and nothing divides singles quite like the big question of who should pay on the first date.

When it comes to heterosexual couples, there has been a longstanding tradition of men being expected to pick up the tab. But now that more women are embracing their independence, more and more people are choosing to split the bill evenly. 

There is no right way to approach the subject but there is a wrong way and a woman on TikTok definitely just encountered someone who handled their expensive first date all wrong.

Her date expected them to split the tab before boasting about his high salary. 

TikTok user Alex (@alexandloveland) posted a video sharing her story of a recent first date she went on with a man. 

“I just woke up and I have to tell y’all what this man did on a first date last night,” Alex tells viewers.

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She reveals that she was asked out for dinner by a man who allowed her to pick the restaurant where they would embark on their first date. 

Alex claims her date told her to pick anywhere she wanted to go, “just not somewhere the drinks are $30.” 

Alex had no issue with the fact that her date appeared to be saving money. 

“I was like, okay, cool we’re young, people are saving and not everyone has a lot of money and I don’t really care about that stuff,” she says. 

She picked a small bar in their local town. 

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During the date, Alex shares that they both ordered two drinks and entrees. When the check arrived, the total was around $90. 

“He goes, this is almost $100, you want to split it? And I was like, sure, of course, that’s not what I have a problem with,” Alex says. “He doesn’t have any obligation to pay [the entire bill], I don’t know his financials, whatever.” 

However, Alex reveals that later in the night, her date told her his annual salary. 

Alex’s date claimed he earns $100,000 a year. 

“He goes, oh just so you know I make like $100,000 a year, you know like I have lots of money,” she says. 

Her date claimed he “wanted to break the stereotype of men paying for the first date.” 

Alex did not have a problem with her date’s beliefs or that she had to split the bill, however, she did not appreciate that he did not share this information with her sooner and feels that she was lied to. 

“If you’re going to lie don’t be condescending about it,” Alex captioned the video. 

Many TikTokers believed that Alex’s date should have paid the whole bill regardless of his salary. 

They stated that Alex’s date should have paid not because he was a man, but because he was the one who asked her out. 

“It doesn’t matter how much he makes. He asked you out, and he pays. The first red flag is him telling you to pick somewhere with drinks less than $30,” one user pointed out. 

“Didn’t he ask you out? In that case, he should pay,” another user commented. 

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Other users agreed with Alex that it was fishy of her date not to reveal the real reason he wanted to split the bill. 

“Never get involved with a man who is ‘testing’ you from the start,” one user advised. 

However, other users believed that Alex’s date’s salary was not significantly high and that the bill should’ve been evenly split for that reason alone. 

“$100k a year after texas isn’t that much especially depending on where you live,” one user argued. 

Other users disagreed. “He can definitely afford to split a $100 bill on a date tho unless he’s blowing all his money on gambling or something,” another user disputed. 

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