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Woman Ghosted Man After He Requested They Split The Check On First Date, Sparking Debate

Photo: TikTok
Tiktoker explaining she ghosted man after first date

One woman shared her thoughts in a viral TikTok video about a guy after he asked to split the check on their first date.

In the comments, people debated and fought over what remains one of the oldest dating controversies — who's supposed to pay?

In the TikTok video, the woman ghosted the man the day after having their first date.

At first, the woman, Evelyn Gonzalez, was quite accommodating and was alright with splitting the bill for their date.

The guy made sure that she was comfortable with splitting the check once again.



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“‘You don’t mind?’ and I was like, ‘no, of course not. Why would I mind? I don’t care’. So we split the check which was fine,” Gonzalez said.

They had a good time for the rest of the night and the guy also dropped Gonzalez off at her house.

However, Gonzalez had decided that she wasn’t interested in him anymore.

“Tell me why the next day he was like, ‘why are you being distant? Why are you ghosting me? Like why are you not texting me back?’,” she continued while rolling her eyes.

“Sir, like, what baby, I don’t know how to tell you this I’m not gonna be the one to tell you it, but someone needs to tell this man.”

While she didn’t directly say it, her video implied that she ghosted the man because he asked to split the check with her.

Since the topic of who pays on the first date is a debate for the ages, TikTok users started their own discussion in the comments based on how Gonzalez handled the situation.

Many TikTok users stated that the woman was right to ghost the guy.

People thought that if a guy wanted to split the bill on the first date, it means that he wasn’t interested in a relationship. 

One user wrote, “If you paying, he obviously just wanted to be friends, then get mad about you ghosting him. I'd ghost him to, like sir I thought this was a date.”

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Another user wrote, “To me splitting the check tells me it wasn’t a date or he doesn’t like me. So I will agree to pay half and never talk to him again.”

One person commented, “If he isn’t paying he is going straight into the friend zone.”

Additionally, people thought that the person who invited the other person for the date should be the one to pay.

“Men, don't invite women on dates you [can’t] afford covering. If you don't have the money, take her for coffee, or Boba. You initiated,” a third user wrote.

Someone else tried to clear the air, “y’all missing the point. We don’t mind paying the half but if YOU asked ME out on a date and then YOU ask me to split the check without me offering.”

However, many people thought that splitting the check on the first date wasn’t a big deal.

One user wrote, “Personally, I don’t mind paying my half, I prefer it…unless he genuinely offered.” 

“See like I think it’s fine to split the bill [because] you’re just starting to get to know each other and we’re strangers,” another user commented.

“I don’t get it. [The] first date, you go Dutch nothing wrong with that. You paid your half he paid his half not a big deal,” one person wrote.

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