21 Things The Most Attractive Women Do On The First Date (According To Men)

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What Guys Expect On A First Date, According To Reddit

It may surprise you to know that many men give just as much thought to make their first dates work as women, and while that won't necessarily make the next one you go on any less stressful, it might help you to know exactly what it is that attractive women do to make themselves so darn memorable right off the bat.

And to start, you should keep in mind that the first date isn't only a big deal for you. Pretty much every one of every gender who heads out on one does so as a giant ball of nerves and angst.

While men and women both tend to overthink things before our first dates, the things that keep us nervous and fretful do vary a bit.

Women most often worry about making a connection, feeling a spark, and never running out of things to say, whereas men tend to wonder whether or not this is going to be casual or something more serious.

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In general, women consider a date to have been successful if the guy was well-mannered, seemed interested when we spoke, and came across as someone we want to spend more time with, while men consider a date to have been successful, well, actually, if it met many of the same criteria.

Yes, men and women are different, but not in as many ways as we typically tend to think.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Men on Reddit talk about these kinds of topics all the time, and when someone visits the AskMen forum to find out what men really think about something, boatloads of guys are more than happy to explain in detail whatever their fellow "Redditors" want to know.

In one recent thread, a woman asked, "What is the most attractive thing a woman can do on the first date?"

Read on to learn what men on Reddit say the most attractive women do during an amazing first date!

1. They put away their phone.

"Had a first date last night. Neither one of us looked at our phones the whole time until we looked around and realized they were cleaning up the restaurant. Three hours passed fast with zero phone interruptions."

2. They get physical.

"The best way to show clear interest is to be a little handsy. If you're interested, touch your date. Breaking the touch barrier and initiating some physical contact, even just a little, increases the intimacy of the date. If you're attracted to him, this is a green light that you're interested."

3. They give meaningful looks.

"Look back just before disappearing from view at the end. Like, lets say you are getting into a cab. Just before you close the door, you stand up again, look over the door for one last glance, then get in and ride away."

4. They make a move.

"Once was hanging out with a girl and finally got to the point of kissing her, but did it pretty lightly because I was still nervous. She looked at me and asked 'What was that?' then grabbed my shirt, pulled me in, and kissed me deeper. Made my whole month."

5. They're punctual.

"Show up on time."

6. They have good manners.

"I've had a few that have turned up late but I've always had a text update with an apology. Sometimes unavoidable in London when you don't live/work in the same area but as long as you let me know and are polite about it I really don't mind."

7. They show their interest.

"Be interested in what I'm saying. Kissing me. I'm a simple man."

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8. They take initiative.

"On one of the best dates I've ever had, the woman kissed me as soon as I opened the door and we'd introduced ourselves, to take the pressure off me worrying about a first kiss at the end of the night. I loved it."

9. They make eye contact.

"Deep eye contact and smelling nice."

10. They listen.

"Show actual interest while on the date and past it. Not saying you need to be all over the place, listening to everything and shit, just show genuine interest in the overall event, either by starting conversations, having an opinion on where to go (I'm tired of how many people don't say where they want to go, if I'm asking you, it's because I don't care, stop pretending it's the same with you.)"

11. They mention a second date.

"After the date/in the end of it, show that you want to do it again. There's nothing more amazing (at least for me) then a woman who's confident enough to show that she liked you and it's eager to go after you."

12. They're daring.

"I also had a different girl take me to the college library after our date and dared me to kiss her in the isles. I won the dare."

13. They keep things light.

"Talk to me like we're not on a date."

14. They actively participate.

"Active participation in initiating and holding the conversation. It's a two way street."

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15. They laugh.

"Smile and laugh at our stupid jokes."

17. They're low-key savage.

"A dank meme. Not a lame forced one but a sneaky low key allusion somewhere in the conversation that is undetectable to the untrained ear."

18. They love wordplay.

"Unapologetic high level puns."

19. They're human.

"Really just be a normal human being that has a solid sense of humor."

20. They take the lead.

"To me, the most attractive thing a woman can do at any time, including on the first date, is take charge. Lead, be assertive, take initiative."

21. They check-in.

"Say to me, 'Let me know when you get home safe.' Pretty much guarantees a second date. I know she's a good girl and was raised right."

The next time you're getting ready to go out on a big and exciting first date, keep in mind that men care just as much as you do, and in many cases they are just as worried as you are about making a positive first impression!

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