Woman Shares ‘Invoice’ She Received From Date After He Offered To Pay, Sparking Debate

Red flag alert!

Couple on a date, TikToker Standret / Shutterstock.com / TikTok

A man offering to pay on the first date sounds like a green flag to me.

However, that green flag turned to red for one woman as she received an invoice when they got home from the date.

The woman claimed her date paid for dinner after she insisted to pay in the TikTok video.

The TikToker, Fiona Hope explained that she didn’t like the guy she was on the date with but thought to give him a chance.

“We went for dinner. He offered to pay. I said ‘no’. He was very adamant so I let him pay. I’m not going to beg to pay,” Hope explained.




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That might have seemed a nice gesture, but the date soon turned sour.

The guy then started asking the woman strange and intimate questions.

“‘When was the last time you had sex? When was the first time you had sex? Would you be open to a casual fling if someone proposed it to you?’” the TikToker said.


Since Hope already didn’t like the guy, this behavior from him was a major turn-off.

Thankfully, because she had plans with her friends after that, she wanted to bid him adieu.

However, she felt bad that she had made other plans after he paid for her dinner, so she invited him to hang out with her and her friend — a decision she would soon regret. 

The two spent more time together but Hope just reaffirmed the fact that things were not going to work out between them.

After that night, when the guy messaged her about setting up another date.

Hope declined, claiming she wasn’t interested. 

After realizing that nothing is going to happen between the two, the guy then sent the woman an invoice for the date.

“I mean the cheek of him, like ‘do you think I’m going to pay?’ ‘would you pay?’,” Hope said.


Hope was quite angry as she felt like she was being treated like a commodity by the guy and refused to pay him back.

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“But I do understand like yea, you go on those dates and you pay, then you don’t get what you want, which was obviously sex for him, it might be a bit frustrating,” Hope continued.

“But don’t offer to pay then. Be that guy. Be that guy who wants to split the bill, that’s fine.”

In another video, Hope showed a close-up screenshot of the invoice for £29, which comes out to about $33.



“What you’re looking at here is an invoice I received after an unsuccessful date as it reads above, under project… due date, ASAP,” the TikToker said.


TikTok users have started a debate with some claiming that the guy was in the wrong while others say that the woman should pay him back.

One user wrote, “So he only paid because he thought he was getting a return on it. Don’t pay, you owe him nothing.”

Another user wrote, “Send him an invoice for your time spent and any products you used getting ready for the date.”

Some users also suggested the woman pay him back but humiliate him at the same time.


One person commented, “I would pay the entire bill and make it public on Venmo so everyone can see.”

While many supported the woman, some people understood the guy’s perspective and thought he was in the right.

"I mean £29 is 3 hours of work for some [people]. The date is already a waste of time, no reason he should have to pay £29 for your food and drink,” one person commented.

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