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Woman Shares 15 Crucial Rules She Follows To Guarantee A Successful First Date

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First dates are something we typically look forward to, yet dread at the same time, but one TikToker is making first dates less painful with her hilarious list that details 15 rules for a first date.

In her video, which has been viewed over two million times, Eli Rallo shares her helpful suggestions that could make first dates go much smoother.

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The list is a screenshot from her notes app and shares with viewers that they can also find the list on her Instagram account. 

“Without further ado of opinions and you have ears, sit back, relax and let’s get into it!” she says. 

Here are 15 rules for a successful first date: 



1. It’s a Thursday. 

Rallo believes that if you are the one asking someone out on a date, you should do it on a Thursday.

“On a Thursday, you can say to somebody, ‘what are your plans for Saturday?’ and then you could go out with them on a Saturday or get Sunday brunch,” she says.

Rallo explains that Thursday is the ideal day to ask someone out on a first date since it is ‘“the perfect closeness to the weekend where you can make plans for a second date before Monday.”

You can also determine how you feel about that person before the new week starts. 

2. 1.5 glasses pregame rule. 

Before a first date, Rallo suggests pre-gaming (drinking a little beforehand) to calm your nerves.

Her recommended amount of alcohol is one and a half glasses of whatever beverage you’re drinking.

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For those who don’t drink alcohol, Rallo suggests diet coke to “get yourself pumped up.” 

3. The Ariana Grande rule.  

While you are pregaming, Rallo recommends listening to Ariana Grande's songs, whether it be “God Is A Woman” or "Into You.”

She claims that Grande’s music will make you feel good before a first date. 

4. Don’t become a pen pal before. 

This may seem strange, but Rallo advises against those getting ready to embark on their first date not messaging each other all day every day leading up to the date.

She explains that it is better to go on a first date without knowing every detail about the person so that there is more to discuss on the actual date. 

“You want to get to know them in person, not over the phone,” she says. 

5. Plan your first dates on the same night as your friends. 

If you’re especially nervous about the first date, Rallo encourages you to coordinate with your single friends so that you can all go on dates together.

“All of you are gonna get together, all of you are gonna pregame together, all of you are gonna get ready together and then you’re all gonna go on a first date, and then you’re gonna come home and regroup,” Rallo shares. “It’s really fun.” 

6. Bevvies are king. 

Rallo recommends ordering a beverage early on into your first date.

She states that holding a beverage gives you something else to focus on so you’re not quite as nervous.

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If you don’t drink alcohol, Rallo suggests going for coffee instead, just so you have something to sip on.

“It just makes you more comfortable,” she says. 

7. The Canadian tuxedo to eff me sweater pipeline. 

Unsure of how to dress on the first date? Rallo has you covered.

Your outfits will depend on the season.

If you’re going on a spring or summer date, Rallo suggests wearing what she refers to as a “Canadian tuxedo,” which is just jeans or jean shorts, and a denim jacket with a cute top underneath.

“It’s cute as f–k,” she says of the outfit. 

For winter dates, Rallo suggests the “eff me sweater,” which she explains is “a sweater that just screams f–k me.”

This can be any sweater that you feel comfortable and confident in, but she recommends “something soft and huggable.” 

8. You don’t add their contact until the third date. 

“They do not need to take up real estate in your phone contacts until the third date,” Rallo says. “Period, end of story.”

Take the time to really get to know the person before exchanging numbers. 

9. Light manipulative tactics… psychic. 

Rallo says that she wouldn't be a cancer-sun, cancer-moon zodiac if she didn’t teach what she calls “light manipulative tactics” for a first date.

This suggestion is geared toward those going on a date with a straight male.

“Straight men fall in love in the time spent away from you when they can think about you subconsciously,” she explains. 

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If you want to see more of them, have an incredible first date and then leave.

“Give him the time to think about you and fall in love with you,” she says. 

She adds that women “fall in love through sex and intimate conversation,” so if you’re on a date with a woman, simply just converse. 

10. The comedic trauma rule. 

On the first date, we tend to hide our full personalities and abide by first date etiquette where we may not crack jokes we usually crack until we get a sense of what our date’s sense of humor is like.

However, Rallo suggests sharing one “comedic trauma story” with your date to give them a glimpse of your true personality and humor. 

11. Spicy sexy sharing caring rule 

For a first date beverage, Rallo recommends a spicy, sexy margarita which she says is equivalent to a spicy skinny margarita but better.

She also suggests splitting meals on the first date.

“It just makes everybody feel more comfortable,” she says. 

12. You thank them in person but don’t text first after UNLESS “text when ur home.” 

If your date pays for beverages and meals, Rallo says to thank them in person but refrain from texting them first unless they ask you to ensure you made it home safely.

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She adds that when the bill arrives, to “just look at it like you’ve never seen one in your life.”

If your first date is with a man, Rallo says that he can pay for you. 

13. If you run out of conversations “what’s ur top five fave albums,” “desert island.” 

Rallo claims that if you begin to run out of conversation topics, ask the person what their top five favorite music albums are and what items they would bring with them to a deserted island.

These are easy topics that you can wind up having meaningful conversations over. 

14. The “thumbs-up” rule. 

At some point during your first date, Rallo recommends going to the bathroom and messaging a thumbs-up emoji to a trusted one, whether it be a friend, guardian, or parent, just to alert them that you are safe and well. 

15. You make tentative plans for after. 

Before your first date, Rallo advises arranging plans for after the date in case you’re not feeling it and need an excuse to leave.

She adds that you can always cancel those plans if you find yourself having a good time on the date. 

Next time you have first date jitters, this list is a must-have! 

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