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Woman Captures Awkward Proposal At New Year's Party — 'I Fully Thought She Was Gonna Say No'

Photo: @caesthetically / TikTok
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Marriage proposals are known to be one of the most pivotal moments of people's lives, and many are left in tears as they anxiously accept that diamond ring to be placed on their finger. 

However, one proposal is gaining attention on social media all because of one woman’s reaction, or lack of reaction to be exact after her boyfriend pops the question. 

Many viewers were left uncomfortable after witnessing what is being called “the most awkward proposal ever.” 

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The woman appears to be agitated and unsure after being proposed to at a New Year's party. 

In a TikTok video posted by user @caesthetically that has generated over 4 million views, a group of people are captured celebrating the new year on a roof deck bar in Hawaii. 

The music suddenly stops and shifts to a lighter tone as one man takes the stage to ask his girlfriend an important question. 



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Once the woman realizes that she is being beckoned on stage in front of the crowd, she can be heard saying, “why?” while appearing to be annoyed. 

Once the woman is standing across from her boyfriend on stage, he delves into an emotional speech. 

“You all know how important Hawaii is to me and New Year’s,” he begins before turning to his girlfriend. 

“And I want to say I’m crazy in love with you, you’re the love of my life,” he says, before dropping down on one knee. 

“And will you make me the happiest man in the world and will you marry me?” he asks. 

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As the crowd awws and cheers, the woman remains silent with an emotionless expression. 

She leans forward to inspect the ring without saying a word. After several excruciating moments, the man reminds her, “it’s a simple yes or no.” 

This time, the woman laughs uncomfortably and looks out into the crowd. “Oh my gosh,” she says. 

After what feels like an eternity, the woman gives a very unconvincing “yes.” 

“I fully thought she was gonna say no,” the TikTok user wrote in a textbox over the video. 

“That was so awkward!” she hollers to a friend standing next to her. 

In the following clip, the user claims that the couple began fighting as soon as they exited the stage.

Snippets of their awkward conversation can barely be heard. “Why did you do that?” the woman appears to say to her now fiance, as she presses her hands to her forehead. 

“This was the most awkward thing I have ever witnessed,” the TikTok user captioned her video. 

Other users appeared to agree with her in the comments. 

“Omg they should know each other better this,” one user wrote. 

“She’s not happy .. she said yes just not to embarrass him,” another user pointed out. 

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Others believed that the woman may have not wanted a public proposal or they had not discussed marriage beforehand. 

“I think she was caught off guard and seems a little shy. Not everyone wants to be the center of attention because it makes them nervous,” one user shared. 

“This is why I told my fiancé how I wanted my proposal to be. Private, in public, or in front of family. These are important questions to ask,” another user commented. 

“Public proposals are so wrong. It’s very manipulative and pressuring because the crowd all expects you to say yes,” another added. 

Whatever the story here may be, we just hope that both individuals were able to come to a formal agreement about marriage by the end of the night! 

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