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Man Who Drunkenly Proposed To Girlfriend Changes Mind About Wedding Months Later

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Man proposing to his girlfriend

A woman posted her story on the British forum, “Mumsnet” about how her boyfriend popped asked her to marry him while he was under the influence.

“I have been with my partner for over 5 years. I moved into his house with my DCs [dear children] (from previous relationship) after a couple of years. He works away a lot, sometimes several months at a time,” she wrote.

When the man made the proposal, he had been a bit tipsy so the woman thought of it as a laughing matter.

The woman asked the man to propose while he was sober but he stayed adamant.

She once again asked to reconsider his proposal but he remained certain so she said, "yes."

Soon after that, he went away on one of his work trips that spanned a few months — she didn’t hear back from him again for around seven months.

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When he did reach out to her, they decided to make their announcement.

“We told the whole family, everyone was really chuffed for us — and my family particularly as my previous relationship was very abusive and nearly broke me,” the woman explained.

Once again, he went away on his work trip, and after a few months, he changed his mind about the wedding.

The man said he loved the woman but didn’t want to marry her.

The woman obviously heartbroken after he broke off their engagement.

She revealed that she was turned off to the idea of getting married until she met her current boyfriend.

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She wrote, “I was excited because we had planned to elope, then just have a party when we got back.”

While he wanted to break off the engagement, the man didn’t have any plans of breaking up and thought that she should still wear her ring.

“He still wants me to wear the ring, but to me, it feels like a sign of ownership with no commitment. He's due home soon, and I am seriously considering giving the ring back,” the woman added.

Internet users warned the woman about her boyfriend and gave her advice about her situation.

One user wrote, “He just gave you ring to keep you on board. He does not want to commit to you. I would move out before he arrives back and get [the] children settled in. I'd leave [the] ring in his house and block him.”

Another user wrote, “The ring is just to make you and everyone else think this is a serious, committed relationship. It is a meaningless symbol. He doesn't want you as more than a girlfriend of convenience.”

“I would spend the next week finding somewhere else to rent and get prepared to move out when he gets back and you can have the final conversation,” a third commented.

“He's been cooking something up while he's away on his long business trips. No one suddenly changes their mind on such an important matter, so resolutely, without having something going on behind the scenes.”

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