Man ‘Pranks’ Girlfriend By Tricking Her Into Thinking He Was Going To Propose, Causing Backlash From Viewers

This prank may have gone too far.

TikTok Prank TikTok

What was supposed to be a happy day for this woman soon turned sour as her partner turned a proposal into a prank.

This TikToker seems to have a habit of playing pranks on his girlfriend and often posts videos about them, however, it seems he may have gone a bit far with his proposal prank.

In the TikTok video, the man leads his girlfriend to a sink full of dirty dishes instead of a proposal.

The video started off with Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” playing in the background and the man’s girlfriend opening the door to a surprise.


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She asked her boyfriend, “What is this?” as the man had decorated the room with flower petals and balloons, the woman must have expected a proposal from him.



The woman then walked on a path created with flower petals. Her boyfriend then gave her a small bouquet of flowers and asked her to close her eyes. 


The woman held the man’s hand and followed him with a smile.

After they had reached their destination, the man asked his girlfriend to open her eyes. 

The woman’s smile was soon wiped off her face as she saw a sink full of dirty dishes in front of her.

After that revelation, the woman gave the man a glare and threw the bouquet of flowers at him, walking away without throwing him another glance.

While the man thought it was a lighthearted prank, TikTok users didn’t find it funny.

TikTok users felt bad for the woman.

Anyone could see that the woman was quite excited and looking forward to the surprise, so people felt bad for her when she found out it was just a prank.


One user wrote, “You play with her feelings.”

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Another user wrote, “I know I’m supposed to find this funny but I just feel so much pain watching this. I feel so bad for her.”

Another user commented, “I guess he hurt her feelings just for views? Like, who does this unless they’re trying to flex? It wouldn’t be funny if it was just them.”

People mentioned the man ruined his relationship.

Additionally, it seems people were quite angry with the man and mentioned that he ruined his relationship with his girlfriend.

One user wrote, “Broooo. That went from ‘about to have the BEST night!’ To, ‘sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future’… in record time!”


Another user wrote, “So much effort into the scene when he could’ve used it to actually do something nice for her.”

Some people even went as far as to mention that the man would probably become single now. 

One user wrote, “That's a great way to end a relationship without much explanation…”

The woman was advised to break up with the man.

People thought the prank did irreversible damage to their relationship so many people thought the woman should break up with him.


One person commented, “I would walk out and check into an expensive hotel for the night. You deserve a break from whatever he is.” 

"100% dump him, the disrespect is next level," another person commented.

There were numerous other comments like those that criticized the man. As a marriage proposal is something serious, people felt it's not right to joke about it. 

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