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Drunk Groom Makes Out With A Man In Front Of Wife At Wedding Reception

Photo: TikTok
man kissing at wedding reception

Weddings are a time of celebration. Two people, destined to be together, take their vows in front of family and friends and commit to doing life together.

The bride and groom get to enjoy a festive evening of dinner, dancing and drinking after tying the knot. But one groom clearly partied too hard at his reception and ended up making out with another man right in front of his wife.

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A viral video shows a bride's shock after her groom kisses a man at their wedding.

In a TikTok video, now viral on Twitter, the man who appears to be drunk approaches another guy, also inebriated, who is dancing while holding one arm up elegantly over his head.



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He pulls the other man close as his new bride looks on and begins feverishly kissing him in the mouth as the music beats loudly in the background.

His wife desperately tries to stop him, but he pays no attention as she tugs at the back of his suit coat.

As the video continues, the impromptu make-out session becomes more and more intense, moving around the dance floor while the wife gives chase.

The man being kissed bounces his extended arm in the air, never missing a beat.

Onlookers, unsure how to respond, hold his wife back while trying to make sense of the utter chaos taking place right before their eyes. Guests at the reception try to pry to two men apart, but their lips are locked.

Eventually, the groom and the man separate, and the latter raises both his hands, one holding a cocktail, in the air in victory. He stumbles backward, too impaired to understand the gravity of what just took place.

The groom is laser-focused on the man he just smooched and is shown trying to fight his way past the rest of the partygoers and have another intimate reaction with the man.

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His wife, along with other people in attendance, keep pushing him back in an effort to make him come to his senses, but he continues to press forward, seemingly totally oblivious to how hurtful and telling his actions are.

Near the end of the video, the new husband appears to engage in a physical altercation with another man who looks angry at the realization that the man just humiliated his wife on what is possibly the most important day of her life.

The Twitter response to this incident was enormous.

The poster added some color to the situation. They captioned the post, “I thought this was just drunk gays being cute but apparently the one with the black shirt just got married to the girl in the wedding dress trying to separate them and the one in the suit is his ‘sidehole’? There’s LAYERS to this.”

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Most people wanted more information on the situation. They tried to identify the couple and the man who was kissed, while others wanted a follow-up video to explain exactly what went down that day.

Someone on TikTok summed up what everyone is feeling. They commented, “I saw this on twitter so i hoped on here hoping for more deets. I’m heavily invested at this point. WE NEED TO KNOW MORE!”

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