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Video Of Groom Knocking Down Bride While Forcing Cake In Her Mouth & On Her Wedding Dress Sparks Backlash

Photo: TikTok
groom smashing cake into bride's face tiktok

A groom has come under fire for a "prank" that he pulled on his bride during their wedding.

The TikTok video, which was posted by the bride, Jade Kennedy, has caused a few mixed reactions from viewers, who claim that the groom is a "walking red flag."

The groom smashed a piece of wedding cake against the bride's face and onto her dress.

The video starts with the groom walking over to the elaborate wedding cake with a knife, planning on cutting a slice.

As soon as he puts the slice of wedding cake in his hand, the guests start playfully protesting as he walks over to his bride, Kennedy, who starts laughing and walking away.

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He backs her into a corner, where Kennedy can be seen trying to speak before he smashes the piece of cake into her face.

Kennedy then falls onto the ground, taking her husband down with her. He then picks her up, and walks away, the both of them laughing.

One of the guests at the wedding walks over to Kennedy with a napkin, cleaning off her dress which has cake all over it, along with her face.

"It’s official we’re Mr. and Mrs. Price, he got me back for doing it to him good and [proper] love my a-hole of a husband,” Kennedy captioned the video.

The video garnered mixed reactions from viewers.

While the comment section of Kennedy's video has been turned off, the "prank" pulled by her husband left many viewers baffled.

The video was dueted by another TikToker, Christina, who was appalled at the incident, saying that she "would divorce straight away."

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"What are you thinking? That's a red flag," one user pointed out, while another added, "You don't have to tolerate that disrespect."

A second user wrote, "Don't make excuses for his (aggressive) behavior on your wedding day. You already know it's wrong and have turned off the comments." 

The bride admitted that she wasn't angry at her husband, and found it all in good fun.

"I'm his wife he has no need to apologize over me and him having some fun on our wedding day!" Kennedy replied.

She added in the comments that she was fine with the situation and nobody had the right to "stick their nose in" her marriage.

"Our relationship is perfect actually ... I posted that video for fun," she added.

Other users jumped to Kennedy and her husband's defense, hitting back at others who were bashing the married couple.

"It's her husband, she's happy, you don't know him," one user said, while another added, "They are obviously joking! Congratulations."

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