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Man Dives Into The Ocean After Proposal To Girlfriend Goes Wrong

Photo: smclyne/ TikTok.com
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Proposing to anybody can be stressful. The anxiety of what your partner is going to say, sneakily trying to grab their ring size, and being tasked with finding the perfect ring can all take a toll on somebody. 

But once you get down on your knees, all that stress should wash away. 

Unfortunately, one man’s stress only grew after a TikTok video showed him diving into the ocean after the proposal to his girlfriend went wrong. 

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While proposing on a boat, the man’s hand slipped and dropped the ring box into the water. 

The TikTok posted by Scott Clyne (smclyne) was meant to showcase the happiest moment of his life. 

Clyne had taken his girlfriend, Suzie Tucker, on a boat in Sarasota Bay on Florida’s Gulf Coast. While on the bow, the couple embraced and danced to Russell Dickerson’s song “Yours.”

Now was Clyne’s moment. 



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As he twirled Tucker around, Clyne got down on one knee and pulled out the box containing the engagement ring. 

However, while pulling it out of his pocket the ring fell and bounced off the boat and fell into the water below. 

In a desperate attempt to grab the box, Clyne lunged for it and subsequently went overboard while Tucker folded over laughing. 

Luckily, the box had floated to the surface just in time for Clyne to fish it from the sea. 

He climbed back up onto the deck, got back down on one knee and finished his proposal while soaking wet. 



Tucker said yes. 

“How wrong could that have possibly gone?” Clyne asked, smiling while his bride-to-be continued to laugh in the background. 

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Many agree in the comments that this will make for a funny story in the future. 

While Clyne is probably still reeling over the embarrassment of the situation, commenters reassured him the proposal was a success. 

“Aw, he seems so disappointed. This will be such a good memory and he cared to make it so special,” one user wrote. “So sweet, I hope y’all have an amazing life.”

“This is perfect and the ring is beautiful! Congratulations!! What a great story to tell your children and grandchildren! So fun,” another user wrote. 

The video has since gained a lot of attention online, even getting picked up by news sites like Inside Edition and Caters News; both commented on this video asking to interview Clyne and use the video. 

So much attention has been directed to the video that, according to Clyne, the couple has been approached by jewelry companies because of the videos. 

“Is this one of those ads trying to sell me proposal insurance….it’s a real thing, Facebook ads been getting real specific,” one user asked. 

Clyne replied, “We have actually been approached by a few jewelry insurance companies about the videos!”

This must be a sign that their marriage will remain strong and stay above water just like the ring box did. 

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