Man Horrified After Sister Posts Fake Pregnancy Announcement On Facebook & Uses His Baby's Sonogram

She's been struggling with infertility for years.

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A man’s sister took to social media to announce that she was pregnant by sharing a sonogram photo of an unborn baby.

The only problem is that the sonogram isn't of her baby — it's her brother and sister-in-law's unborn child. In fact, she's not pregnant at all.

When the man politely asked his sister to remove her post, chaos ensued and family tension rose.

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She shared a fake pregnancy before he and his wife could announce theirs.

Sharing his story on the subreddit, r/AmItheA–-hole (AITA), the man asked other Redditors if he was being insensitive for the way he handled the situation.

The 26-year-old began his post by sharing that he and his 24-year-old wife are expecting their first child and that she is 19 weeks pregnant.

The couple decided to keep the pregnancy a secret from social media until they were halfway through but told close friends and family the happy news. 

The father-to-be revealed that the news was rather difficult for his 34-year-old sister to hear.


“My sister Anna and her husband have been trying for a baby for a few years now, and since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has been on medications for it, it's been tough for her to conceive,” he wrote. 

So it came as a surprise when the man’s sister posted on social media sharing that she was 12 weeks pregnant along with a sonogram photo. 

He called to congratulate her, however, he claims that their conversation did not go well. 

“Her answers to my questions didn't all make sense, and she mentioned having passed her glucose tolerance test which doesn't happen until around 24 weeks of pregnancy. I know because my wife had scheduled hers already,” the man wrote. 


“When I told her that, she called me dumb and said I didn't know what I was talking about; why was I interrogating her; can't I just be happy for her...then she hung up.”

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Later that night, his brother-in-law called and revealed the truth to him. 

“He told me that Anna isn't really pregnant and that she was just completely devastated that I was having a baby and she wasn't and this is how she was dealing and processing my wife's pregnancy,” he wrote. 

His brother-in-law told him that he would tell his wife to take down her post.


However the next day, Anna called and informed him that she would not be deleting the post because the attention she had been receiving from it made her “feel good.” 

Instead, she suggested that he and his wife announce their pregnancy on social media and she would later post that she lost her baby in a miscarriage. 

"I asked why go through with all the lies rather than just take it down and move on from it?" he wrote.

"She said, 'Because I'm bipolar, I might not have a baby and it's not fair to me. Stop being so narcissistic and just let me have some of the spotlight that I deserve but probably will never have.'"

He became upset and urged his sister to seek therapy so that she could cope with her emotions more healthily.


Instead, she became defensive, cursed the man’s unborn baby, and wished a miscarriage on them before hanging up. 

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His parents believe that he should have left his sister’s false announcement alone. 

“My parents are texting me saying that I should've just let her continue this façade her way because she's bipolar, but I can't just allow her to be this way,” the man admitted.

“I feel like she's using her diagnosis as an excuse to pull off a big lie such as this.” 

To make matters worse, his wife called him in tears upon realizing that the sonogram photo that his sister used to make the announcement was their baby’s sonogram.


Most Redditors praised the man for how he handled the situation and encouraged him not to let his sister around his baby once they were born.

“I'm bipolar too, but pretending to be pregnant for attention is really something else. You're not a narcissist, she is,” one user shared.

“Announce your pregnancy and let her spin her lies til she gets caught. You're not changing her mind anytime soon and you can't help someone who doesn't see how they're wrong and you certainly can't help someone who doesn't want to change.” 

“I'm a bit afraid of what stunt she pulls when your baby is born. If she now fakes a pregnancy and loss... As a woman she should know better,” another user commented.  “Maybe keep your baby away from her. Don't let them be alone ever.” 

“This really doesn’t have anything to do with her bipolar - she’s doing it because she can’t have children and wants attention. Absolutely no one should be condoning or accepting this behavior,” another user added.


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Others believed that the man should have left the incident alone entirely as his sister was clearly struggling. 

"You don't need to make it a bigger deal by fanning the flame," one user wrote. "She's clearly unhinged and it will not help her or you to act as though she's a rational, reasonable, well person."

"Honestly, who f–-king cares what other people post or announce on Facebook? Just live your life," said another user. 


"You're not having a baby for social media clout, so who f–kg cares how your announcement is received relative to other people."

The man followed up with his original post sharing that his sister had been admitted into the hospital after her husband had taken down the post and she threatened suicide. 

He shared that he and his family would all be attending a group therapy session with her to strategize a plan for how they could help her deal with her emotions and stress.

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