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Teen Dad Runs To Friends Instead Of Pregnant Girlfriend After Gender Reveal & People Are Telling Her To 'Leave Him'

Photo: TikTok
Gender reveal party with a couple.

Gender reveal parties might’ve gotten a bad rap on TikTok over the past year or so — but surely there are thousands of parents-to-be celebrating the exciting surprise every day. 

These teen parents-to-be are no exception. With their family and friends gathered around, they start the camera awaiting their gender to reveal the news. 

Ready to throw the baseball with either pink or blue, the mom-to-be is excited to embrace her child’s dad and celebrate their child together. 

However, when he swings the bat, erupting blue powder from the makeshift baseball, he does something entirely different. 

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The dad decided to celebrate the gender reveal with his friends — not his pregnant girlfriend.

With blue everywhere, the dad-to-be runs straight past his girlfriend into the arms of his friends to celebrate. 

It’s the traditional ‘choose your celebration’ gender reveal party. Typically you see the balloon in the box, or maybe a series of family members biting into an over-baked cake pop. 



This couple chose to channel their old high school sports careers — loading a mystery color into a fake ball and stepping up to the plate. 

With the dad-to-be ready to swing with the bat in his hand, everyone around him sits in anticipation of either ‘blue or a boy’ or ‘pink for a girl.’

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When the dad swings and hits the ball, an eruption of blue signals to everyone that they’re expecting a boy. 

Immediately upon hitting the ball, a cloud of blue erupts into the air and everyone begins to cheer. 

Heard distinctly in the background of the video, a group of people seems to scream extra loud, rushing toward the camera. 

The mom-to-be, shown in the video, immediately starts to celebrate — arms wide, walking towards her child’s dad excited to celebrate. 

What she doesn’t expect is for him to run right past her, into the arms of 15 of his friends, who immediately start chanting and lifting him into the air. 

A moment for them to celebrate their child together quickly turned into a celebration for him and his friends — which TikTok immediately condemned him for. 

“Poor baby girl…my heart became so sad when they pushed you out of the way,” one upset comment wrote. 

Many more agreed, one more writing, “Um…no. What about the mother of the child?” 

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Despite angry comments defending her, the mom-to-be assures everyone she’s not angry about the gender reveal. 

“Thank you guys for defending me,” she said in her follow-up video. She assured everyone that despite her boyfriend’s behavior, she was fine! 



“I promise I’m not upset. I’m OK. I was literally laughing about how funny it was that everyone was jumping on him.” 

Even though she knows that he ‘should have’ run up and hugged her, he “knows that and feels terrible.” 

She goes on to say, “He’s the best boyfriend in the whole world and he’s going to be the best dad, so it’s OK — y’all can leave him alone!” 

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Comments think this mom is making up excuses for her boyfriend’s behavior at the gender reveal party. 

“Are you tryna convince us or convince yourself?” one person said in the comments. “A video of him acting silly doesn’t cancel out him.” 

“Girl, we’re upset for you,” wrote one user in the comments. Hundreds of others agree under her response TikTok — “This is the sorta thing that doesn’t affect you until you look back on it,” many users echo. 

“This is why he’s BOYFRIEND, not husband,” someone else wrote, “Red flag!” 

Regardless of the TikTok comments angry with her complacency, the mom-to-be recently posted the couple’s newborn son — who seems to be healthy and happy in their home. 



So, ten years from now, hopefully, she’ll be happy to look back over the gender reveal footage — everyone having a laugh at her boyfriend’s mistake. 

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