The Many Benefits Of Cuddling

Affection: The Many Benefits Of Cuddling

Learn how to cuddle with your partner, have better intimacy and incredible sex.

These days, people seem to think that sex is everything in a relationship. However, it is not the sexual act itself that brings people together in a relationship, but the sharing of your intimate life with a person who does the same. This is where learning how to cuddle comes in. 

Both when it comes to sex and when it comes to other aspects of your lives, communication is extremely important. It can make for much more than any gifts. However, what many people do not fully understand is that communication is both about words and about actions.

Cuddling is definitely one of those things that speaks louder than words. It can make your heart melt. It can help you be more intimate with your partner. It can bring the two of you closer to another level — where your bodies, your minds and your souls become one.

Although, there is the preconceived notion that men do not like cuddling at all. The truth is the opposite; they love it! Men, just like women, like sharing these intimate moments. They will love to just hold you in their arms (and be held in your arms as well).  

Why Cuddle?

Cuddling is not actually a basic need, but an attainment of a basic need — that of affection. There are tons of things out there that are cozier, warmer and more intimate than cuddling. But the simple fact that you feel your lover's heartbeat (and he gets to feel yours) can make for a bond that is much more difficult to break, as well as that feeling of warmth and closeness with your partner.

When To Cuddle?

For a lot of people out there, this question may seem silly. However, some people may want to know when is the best time to cuddle. The short answer to this is that you should cuddle whenever you feel the need to.

There is no such thing as a "right time to cuddle" or a "right way to cuddle." It just happens and when it does. It's usually sweet and lovely in every single way possible: emotionally, physically and at the level of the connection between the partners.

Of course, morning sex can be amazing. Many people out there would trade their morning coffees with morning sex in an instant. Waking up in a wave of pleasure makes for great mornings and can make for a great day as well. It can fill you up with energy and put you in a good mood. That pleasure can give you a good head start, even during those days when you do not want to do much.

However, cuddling in the morning can be equally beneficial as well. Waking up to pure affection can give you a good feeling overall. It can bring your mood up and make you feel well-taken care of. Cuddling helps your partner (and you) feel protected and loved — bringing positivity to your life.

Sadness can be cured with a hug. Sometimes, sadness becomes overwhelming and changes your entire perspective on life if it grows into actual depression. It can happen to anyone, but the truth is that a simple gesture, such as cuddling, can help you alleviate sadness. If you love your partner, you will know that the warmth of your hug can change things for them. You know that his cuddling can be equally amazing for you as well when you're feeling down.

While some of the things are irreparable or they cannot be changed by either one of you, cuddling can at least change your mood. It can actually release serotonin which will help to boost mood. Even more, if your partner feels sad, lonely, grief or anger, cuddling can help the body release oxytocin, which is the main hormone responsible with handling these feelings. Yes, cuddling can truly have a "magical" effect on people!

Stress can be shunned away if you know when and how to cuddle. We all live stressful lives. This modern world we live in very frequently doesn't help prevent stress. All we seem to do is run from one place to another. We never actually get the time to sit down and relax without any other thought.

Coming back to a home where you feel loved and protected can feel wonderful. Coming home to a partner that knows when you need some cuddling, can be absolutely amazing.

This is the best natural stress-reliever. It relaxes your muscles and your mind. It soothes the soul. Physical contact can also relieve yourself from physical pain as well. Cuddling may not solve things like financial worries, but it can definitely change the way you feel about them, especially when it is done with someone you truly care about and who truly cares about you as well. 

Here's a crazy thing that cuddling can do. It's been scientifically proven to boost your immune system. Again, this may seem amazing for some of you, but cuddling can actually help your immune system strengthen up. During cuddling, the thymus gland is stimulated. This will lead to the production of more white blood cells, making your immune system more protected from potential attacks. 

Cuddling After Sex....Yes Please!

Yes, sex can be wild and animal-like. It can be mad, come in many shapes and definitely help your body and mind function better. Sex is about intimacy, love, affection, letting go of inhibitions, letting your guard down, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, allowing your wildest parts to be seen and about pure desire, all at the same time.

What's the best way to finish off great sex? With cuddling! It's just like how some people need foreplay for good sex, they also need some time after it to feel close to the person with whom they had sex. Cuddling can be the best way to do this. 

A Thousand Ways To Cuddle

Alright, there may not be a thousand ways to cuddle. But considering the fact that the following "cuddling positions" will be combined with the various situations in which you can cuddle, you will find a very large number of possibilities. Here are some favorite ways to cuddle and what makes them wonderful:

1. Full Body Cuddling — This is one of the classic cuddling positions. It is amazing for those lazy mornings and for the sweet moments following a sexual act. Also known as "spooning," this form of cuddling can make your bodies feel closer to each other than ever.

Usually, the man is the "big spoon," cuddling you from behind. But it will be nice to find out that you can be the protective one as well when he needs to learn and re-learn how to cuddle and how to feel safe in the arms of someone he loves. After all, this is what relationships are about: taking care of each other, feeling close to one another and communicating (even non-verbally) with each other.

2. Face-to-Face Cuddling — If you are having one of those moments when words can't say enough, cuddling face to face (lying down or standing, for that matter) can help you share all those emotions you may not have words for. Cuddling face-to-face is also great for sharing whispers, love declarations and for long talks as well.

3. The Criss-Cross — Sometimes, you do not need anything else than to talk to your man and he, most likely, feels the same. Cuddling in a criss-cross position (with one of you sitting and the other one lying down with the head on his/her lap) can make for great, long conversations. It can feel like a true therapy.

Learning how to cuddle from this position will allow you to caress your lover's head if he is the one lying down (or the other way around). It will allow you to make enough eye contact in order to actually communicate effectively as well.

4. Leaning On Him — This is a super powerful cuddling position for when you are watching TV or a movie. Nothing out there can feel more "at home" and cozier than leaning into the arms of the man you love while you both let yourself be swept away in another world (that of your movie).

5. Head-To-Toe — Knowing how to cuddle, lying down and chilling out with your loved one is not always about eye contact. Sometimes, just the simple presence of your boyfriend or spouse can alleviate pain, boost your mood and make you feel more energized. Try to lie down with your heads facing the opposite directions, so that your head is by your man's feet and his head is by your feet. This is a great way to receive and give a foot massage while having a good conversation with your partner.

Cuddling is one of those universal things that everyone from babies to grandparents enjoy! Even our pets love cuddling. There is nothing not to love about it. The incomparable feeling of belonging and the actual science behind cuddling make it something you should be doing more often with your man.

Something Better Than Cuddling — If you want to please and sexually satisfy your man with more than just cuddling him, you should consider learning how to blow his mind by giving him good oral sex. If you are interested in learning how to give him a great blow job, you will probably be interested in watching this powerful instructional video.