6 Surprising Ways To Shut Out Fear And Go With Your Gut

It's wake up time!

6 Ways To Trust Your Gut Feeling And Kiss Stress Goodbye pexels

If you stress out A LOT regardless of who tells you not to worry or how much you’ve sought help to release your anxiety, tuning into your intuition can help. 

There are two primary beliefs that cause people to become overwhelmed with worry.

The first of these is the belief — warranted or not — that someone or something has let you down.

You can retrain your thinking by correcting your cognitive distortions, which are all those things you say to yourself that aren’t really true — "I can't do it," "I'm not worthy," etc. When you think about who you trust most, that person should be yourself. So make sure your self-beliefs are based on reality.


Regardless of your surroundings or your reality, you alone control your response to situations. Even when you have zero control over the outcome of a situation, you remain in total command of your reactions. Once you tune into your inner mastery and take charge of your responses, you can stop worrying, accept what is, and move on.

The second belief is that you don’t know how to be in charge of your own life.

The truth is that your intuition is your inner control system, and it is available to help you at all times. That gut feeling you detect acts an early warning system, alerting you to potential danger.


The great news is that your intuition is within you waiting to be accessed ALL the time. It's not only with you during the peaks and valleys of your experiences, it sticks around to function as a source of endless reassurance and comfort.

So whether you’ve lost a little confidence in the people around you or looked in the mirror and faced some harsh truths that need correcting — that voice within you can help.

Your intuition can soothe you, reassure you, encourage you, and even help you out of depression. All you need to do is ask!

If you’re tired of feeling anxious and stressed all the time, here are 6 surprising ways to access to your inner voice.


1. When you’re in doubt, ask for reassurance — and be prepared to make some u-turns when necessary.

Your inner wisdom may not give you the answer you expected, but it will always give you the answer that is in your best and highest interest.

Ask for reassurance when you genuinely want to change your frame of mind, not when you’re looking to justify old patterns that aren't working.

2. Expect kindness and the clear truth.    

The quiet voice inside you will always be kind, and at the same time, it will always be honest. If you ask a question and feel afraid of the answer, it isn't coming from your intuition.

Even if you hear something you didn’t want to, your intuition will be delivered to you with a kindness that allows you to take it in. Once you hear that voice, it's time to listen. 


3. Pay attention to your individualized 'receiving mechanism.'

We each hear our intuitive voice in our own unique way. You may understand your intuition through dreams, whereas others may hear their inner voice while listening to music or looking at art.

What's important is that you understand your particular mechanism and to pay attention to it when it speaks to you.

4. Trust the little things.

You will find what you look for — and if you are looking you will find people who tell you you’re crazy. Don’t believe them for even one minute. Trust those little signs and hunches that are your intuition talking to you. Intuition is very subtle, and like anything delicate, it needs to be nurtured.


As a bonus, you find the people who understand exactly what you’re talking about. They DO exist.

5. Nurture and grow.

The more you encourage that delicate growth, the stronger it will become. As your intuitive instincts expand, the more your confidence increases, as well.

6. Respond!

Intuitive insight is wonderful and feels AMAZING when you take it in. But then what?

Your intuition informs you. It provides you with information and insight.


Use that intelligence! Act on it!

You are a co-creator in this world.

Nobody is going to do everything for you, even if you have support when you need it. It’s still up to you to take that support and use it to make your dreams a reality.

Your intuition is a key to peace of mind and confidence.

It’s waiting to be tapped, so stop letting yourself suffer!

Jan L. Bowen is a passionately authentic thought leader who helps clients align their lives so they find more joy and greater connection through articulating and living their purpose. To get Jan’s latest book, "Why Do You Get Up In the Morning? How to Demystify Your Life Purpose," download it now and also receive her newsletter with articles available through subscription only."