17 Freaky Things Men Want Women To Do More Of In Bed

FYI, ladies...

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He might not always say exactly what he wants, but I guarantee you that there are dirty things you can do to (and with) your man in bed that will make drive him absolutely wild in the very best of ways.

To back this up, I spoke with several men about what turns what them on most, and many claimed they love a good woman who know how to be a bad girl in bed. There's a reason the saying, "Lady on the streets, freak in the sheets," is so popular among guys.


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Some of the freaky things guys told me they want to experience with a woman during sex may seem tame, and some may me be even dirtier than you were expecting.

While it can't be stressed enough that you should never feel pressured to do anything that makes you feel bad, uncomfortable, or at risk, stepping just a little bit out of your normal routine by trying even a few of the ideas listed below is sure to excite your boyfriend, husband or partner and guarantee you both a fun time.


Here are 17 dirty, freaky things to do to your man in bed.

1. Talk dirty to him.

While one gentleman requested that his woman be clear about what she wants in bed without not necessarily getting filthy, most guys unanimously requested that you talk dirty in bed more often.

Now is not the time to be shy. If you want something specific, by all means, let him know. If he's doing something you love, let him know. If you're thinking a sexy thought, let him know.

You get the picture.

2. Suggest (or be open to trying) butt play.

Butt play is definitely something worth fingering — I mean... figuring out. Many guys find this to be a huge turn on, and women who give it a go typically agree it's incredibly pleasurable if ventured into slowly, safely and with patience.


From oral pleasuring through analingus to finger play, there is lots of fun to be had for both of you if you're willing to give this sexy idea a try.

3. If light butt play goes well, give anal sex a try.

Whatever it is about that butt, there are many, many men who just can't seem to get enough of it and are more than eager to engage in anal sex with the woman they love. Make sure he promised to lube up and be gentle. It may take a few attempts before you're both fully comfortable, but once you adjust, it can be highly exciting for both of you.

4. Suggest (or be open to trying) butt play... on him.

Be sure to ask if he wants you to go there before you do, but many men enjoy having their butt played with, too. Again, a gentle, well-lubricated and patient finger is key.

Butt play allows you to stimulate his prostate, which men often say leads to some of the best orgasms of their lives. So be brave, woman!


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5. Wear heels and stockings.

Keep the heels and stockings on in the bedroom, too. If you find the elastic meant to keep thigh highs in place to be uncomfortable or unflattering, basic stockings are a just-as-sexy option that's both literally and figuratively easier to pull off.

And don't worry about your toes getting squeezed in those super high stilettos you love looking at but never wear. You'll be swept off your feet before long. Trust.

6. Send him some naughty pictures.

Taking some nude or semi-nude photos to let him know what's in store for him will get you both excited for the main event. When you hit send, tell him exactly what you plan on doing to him when you see him later in lurid and vivid detail.


7. Have a threesome.

One wise man I surveyed said, “Look, don’t ask a lady for a threesome unless you know she’s bi or intrigued on the idea itself. Otherwise, you’re just a jerk,” and that is absolutely correct. Still, that didn’t stop him from saying a threesome is one of the things he'd most like to try with his girlfriend.

If the idea of engaging in some girl-on-girl interaction excites you, there's a good chance your boyfriend or husband will be into the idea, too. Let him know.

8­. Give the London Bridge sex position a try.

This sex position will definitely make you see that famous nursery rhyme in a whole new way.

There are several variations of the London Bridge position you can opt for:


During a threesome with two women and one man: The man lies on his back as one woman rides him in the cowgirl position and the other sits on his face.

During a threesome with two men and one woman: The woman lies on her back as she performs oral sex on one man while being penetrated by the other.

During sex between one man and one woman: The man executes a full back bend and then woman then straddles him in a modified cowgirl. (Do not try this one unless the man involved is seriously limber and in shape).

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9. Swallow when he climaxes from oral sex.

By and large, men like it when a woman swallows. They don’t want you to spit out the finished project of their hard word. Swallowing, swallowing and more swallowing is the general consensus when it comes to what men want women to do in bed.


10. Put on a show for him.

Let him watch you masturbate. Not only do men say that seeing a woman pleasuring herself is one of the surest things to get them aroused, but it gives you a chance to show him how you'd like him to touch you himself. Consider it a little lesson, teacher. Win-win!

11. Go commando.

The guys love it when you wear a nice dress or skirt with no panties underneath. You get bonus points for telling him that you've got no underwear on when the two of you are out in public, and could he please, please, please have sex with you now? Another man I surveryed suggested taking the idea up a notch by showing up at his place in nothing but your coat.

12. Let him ejaculate on your face.

Okay, you probably knew this one was coming (or maybe you didn't). Of all the dirty things guys want their woman to do, some said one of the dirtiest things he wants is for a woman to not just let him ejaculate on her face, but for her to pretty much beg for it.

Some guys just want what they've seen happen in porn to become their reality. As with all of these suggestions, whether or not you want to indulge those whims is entirely up to you.


13. Let him tie you up.

Lots of men say they'd like to a woman up and have their way with her. As long as you trust him and you both keep things safe, sane and consensual, a little kinky play can go a long way toward spicing things up.

14. Then switch it up and dominate him.

On the flip side, some guys prefer it when the woman is the one who takes control, or they may at least want to try seeing what it's like from that side of the ropes.

As one guy put it, “Make me your personal sex toy. Have no concerns about whether my needs are being met. Just meet your own — and trust me, I’ll enjoy myself.”


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15. Bite him.

Some men say a little biting in the bedroom is in order. He may want to sink his teeth into you, or vice versa.

Thankfully, the men I spoke with said they're excited by the idea of gentle nibbling. This is one to discuss in advance in order to make sure you're both on the same page when it comes to anything that could potentially draw blood.

16. Moan loudly.

We all have our own style when it comes to sex, but the men I spoke with agreed that they want a woman who knows how to get at least a little bit loud. Let him hear how well he’s done satisfying you by vocalizing as you orgasm.


17. Use sex toys.

Most modern men are wise enough not only to not feel threatened by a woman bringing sex toys into bed, but to want her to. In fact, they say they'll be more than happy to play along.

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