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How To Make Your Man Last Longer During Sex (Without Embarrassing Him)

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premature ejaculation

Asking a guy to last a little longer is comparable to asking a boxer to stick it out for just a few more he is pummeled by Iron Mike Tyson (and all the while getting his ear chewed off).

In other words, it's much easier said than done. Whereas you have been gifted with the ability to orgasm repeatedly (only stopping for air and for maybe a soda pop in between sessions) the less delicate of the species has been cursed with a refractory period. 

The refractory period makes it almost impossible for a man to keep his erection after reaching the point of ejaculation and orgasm.

Therefore, the question of “How to make your boyfriend last longer in bed” is not merely a matter of sharing a technique. Do so by helping him to increase his staying power has to do with delaying his urge to ejaculate, by prolonging foreplay, controlling arousal level, and avoiding that “point of no return” that every man reaches right before he fires that big bazooka. 

Determine Where the Problem Is Coming From


If you're wondering how to make your boyfriend last longer in bed then you must determine why he is ejaculating too soon, or if it's a real sexual problem at all.

Did you know there is not really an official medical way to classify “premature ejaculation”?

Every person is different, and staying power for a man is only as good as a woman's tolerance for penetration. So if you're having sex with Plastic Man (who has the very lucky ability to contort his body parts however he wants) and you and Plastic Man both orgasm within four minutes, you might not complain about staying power.

Then again, if Superman only takes three minutes to cum before having to fly away and stop the Evil Lex Luther and you never reach orgasm, then you could rightfully use the term to describe him — even if he's average statistically speaking.

“Superman? More like Premature Ejaculation Man, mmmm-hmmm!”

Anyway, there all sorts of causes for a lack of staying power, and premature ejaculation (the clinical term) may not even apply if you simply want foreplay, penetration and orgasm to be extended beyond the old five to ten-minute romp you're used to.

They might include relationship problems, undiagnosed medical conditions, bad health, or simply, or a man who has never learned how to control his sexual excitement.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Last Longer In Bed Without Dragging Him to a Sex Therapist


That's the key, how to help your man stay hard longer and prolong sex without killing the mood, hurting his self-confidence or making sex awkward in the slightest.

Because just so you know, performance anxiety is one of the main causes for guys finishing up too soon.

Make sure that your man knows that you want to keep the passion going all night long. Explain to him in sexy, fun coos that you want to experience multiple orgasms and want to enjoy his body for hours on end.

Start by extending foreplay. Don't just slow him down and make him ravish your erogenous zones, Let him know you want to cum at least once or twice through oral sex and or finger manipulation.

Next, you must teach him to control his passions. This can be done by stopping sexual penetration BEFORE he feels the urge to ejaculate, and taking a small time out. (You can fill the time by engaging in less intense foreplay or switching positions)

When his arousal level has returned to normal, you can begin penetration again.

You can also help him stave off ejaculation by doing breathing exercises. When he is ready to ejaculate, he will breathe hard and frantically thus signaling to his genitals it's time to let it all go.


Relaxing the body through calm, rhythmic breathing is one of the best ways to delay over-excitement and ejaculation.

You can also try changing sexual positions and increasing the “physical exertion” level of your fuck fest.

The more blood he pumps through the rest of your body, the less blood gathers in his penis. So make him work for it with a fairly difficult position and he might last longer because of the challenge and unfamiliarity of the position.

It's all about controlling and manipulating his body, while clearly emphasizing your expectations.

Do this right and you don't have to suffer through a long, awkward conversation about stiffies.

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