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About Pleasure Mechanics

Visit us at www.PleasureMechanics.com for free sex advice, online courses and our weekly sex podcast Speaking of Sex With The Pleasure Mechanics.

Unlock more arousal & unleash your orgasms with our foreplay mastery techniques.

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Slay your sexual boredom with our free, friendly & practical sex advice.

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Who Are The Pleasure Mechanics?

We, The Pleasure Mechanics, are a two woman team of sex educators and touch experts. Our names are Charlotte and Chris, but you can just think of us as The Pleasure Mechanics! We are dedicated to providing men, women and couples around the world with the tools and strategies they need to experience maximum sexual pleasure.  

We are both trained in massage therapy and sex education, and we bring together our thousands of hours of training to create practical, down-to-earth resources that are effective and efficient. We know you are busy and don’t have four hours a day to devote to your erotic life. We believe in bringing you the most straightforward, effective techniques to get maximum results.

For over ten years, we’ve worked with men, women and couples to optimize their sexual experience. We’ve been students of the leaders in the sexuality field, read thousands of sex books, and studied techniques from all around the world. We have taught workshops all across the United States, from couples massage classes to graduate level sexology courses. Our books and videos gather the best of the best, time-tested strategies that work because they are based on human anatomy, psychology and an understanding of the social nature of human sexuality.

You can contact us anytime with questions or feedback through a secure contact form at www.PleasureMechanics.com

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