What About Conscious Coupling?

We've heard a lot about conscious uncoupling, what if we were more conscious before we coupled?

There’s a ton of buzz happening about our friend and colleague, Katherine Woodward Thomas’ “Conscious Uncoupling” thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announcing their split in this way. Always happy to hear that people are doing things consciously, mind-fully and purposefully for the highest and best intentions of all involved.

This touches so close to our mission to bust the myth that love is supposed to happen by accident. Now that a celebrity couple has decided to Consciously Uncouple – could it be that the rest of us can focus more on Consciously Coupling in the first place?

Creating Love On Purpose was born out of the paths we each took to create our True Soul Partnership. We didn’t “happen upon each other” and “fall in love” we very consciously decided to remove our subconscious blocks to love, envision the kind of mate we would want, how the relationship would function and created our love.

Many people have told us that it doesn’t sound “romantic” when we mention that our love was created On Purpose. Romance is something that happens so easily and naturally at the beginning of a relationship, yet it won’t continue to just “happen” – it’s the same with intimacy, communication and love. It’s because we created our relationship purposefully, intentionally, and consciously that we know our love will last. We both got everything we each wanted – so there’s no need to look elsewhere because we are both completely satisfied and fulfilled through our love for ourselves and each other.

When a relationship is created consciously there is no blame, great communication and shared values. It doesn’t mean that there are no disagreements (fights), or miscommunication; however, when you come together consciously you are aware of your trigger points and work through them together. The relationship itself acts as a way for the partners to support one another in healing past wounds.

Matthew recently shared during an interview on our online event, the Love On Purpose Revolution, that if he feels uncomfortable with Orna’s behavior that he owns that that is his discomfort – it’s about him not how she is behaving. This is how a True Soul Partnership supports both partners on their own personal growth path and ensures that they grow together.

For those of you in a relationship and having issues, it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to create a conscious relationship. The beautiful part is that it only requires one partner to make changes in their behavior for the negative dynamic to shift. Begin by recognizing that the other person is not you. They don’t think, feel, or react the way you do. They have a different belief system and their subconscious programming is completely diverse from yours.

The key is to choose love everyday. What it means to choose love everyday is that you choose to be loving no matter what is happening in the relationship. Even when you are arguing you can choose to love your partner in the disagreement. We’ve made a commitment this year to kindness in our relationship. This doesn’t mean that we always succeed. What it means is that when we are not being kind or speaking kindly we own it. We take responsibility for our actions and make a choice to return to kindness.

We hope you choose to join us on our mission to encourage Conscious Coupling. Romance, love, and passion do not just happen to us. We have a choice in how we are thinking, how we are feeling, and what we are doing. Take the time to understand where your behavior comes from and make the effort to change it and you will see love is available to you all the time.

We hope you join our Love On Purpose Revolution where we’ve brought together over 25 world-renowned experts to bust the myth that love is supposed to happen by accident.