First Date Follies: 5 Phrases To Avoid At All Costs

Dating Tips For Men: 5 First Date Follies To Avoid

It's make it or break it time and you're one phrase away from smashing it.

For men looking for help with relationships, there may be no advice as important as the advice that pertains to the very first date. A first date is an opportunity, the perfect time for men to impress the women they like. It's an opportunity to be charming, attentive, funny and to show her exactly why you are such a catch.

But, be that as it may, these initial meetings are more notorious for stopping a relationship from ever occurring than they are for making one blossom. Awkwardness, boastfulness and a chance run in with the woman you slept with and then told you were joining the priesthood — all reasons why googling "first date horror" stories will return pages and pages of results. It just might break the internet.

So, where can you get help with relationships? Help that assures you don't fall into the trap that is first date failure? Some stuff is common sense — staying away from things like politics and finances on a first date is typically wise, but that's not the only things to refrain from.

Overall, there are five phrases that don't belong on any first date, unless you want your first date to be your last. Avoiding these phrases can help your first date turn into a second, instead of a story plastered on the World Wide Web.

1. "Hang on a second": Yes, we live in an age where being able to use a cellphone is as integral to heartbeats and breathing. But, using a phone on your first date shows that you're inattentive, not to mention rude. And that will turn a woman off very fast — her interest will go from 60 to zero in five seconds. It doesn't matter what you're using your phone for — to speak with nana, to talk to a coworker or to send a 108 point play on Words with Friends. Just don't use it at all.

2. "My ex is such a bitch": Your ex may very well be a bitch, possibly a huge one. But, talking about an ex on a first date is dangerous for two reasons. One, it's awkward, about as awkward as listening to Dennis Miller host Monday Night Football. Two, it makes you appear as if you still harbor old feelings, especially if you give off a sense of anger.

3. "What's your favorite sex position?": Sex is part of dating, but it's a part that you earn. You're not entitled to it. Being too sexually aggressive too early can make a woman think you're interested in a lay, rather than a relationship. Either that or it'll just make them think you're a man-whore with the herps.

4. "I have another date tomorrow": It may seem idiotic, but plenty of men talk to their dates about their future plans with other women (and then they wonder why they need help with relationships). Perhaps they think women will be attracted to the whole "hard to get" thing, but many women are usually just repelled by your dating promiscuity. Most women hate the game and the player.

5. "Your job sounds lame": Another thing men do, even though it's so obvious they shouldn't, is criticize a woman's profession. This is a big red flag for females, especially if they love their job and have worked really hard to obtain it. But, even if they don't, even if they too think their job is crap, they don't want to hear criticism from you or anybody else. This is because women (and men too) view their jobs like family: they can talk bad about them but everyone else better not dare. 

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