How To Know What Women Want In A Man (By Understanding How They Think)

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how to know what women want

Want to meet women? Start by figuring out how they think.

In the whole wide world, the best way to find a girlfriend may be to create one with your computer the way Gary and Wyatt did in Weird Science — she would indeed be perfect.

But for men who aren't actually fictional, the best way to find a girlfriend typically involves knowing what to say to women and understanding what women want.

And that begins with one lesson: knowing how women think.

In many ways, it's impossible for men to know how women think. About as impossible as it is for dogs to know what it's like to be a cat. Men are apples and women are oranges — with, of course, a pair of melons.

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But while you may never get entirely inside the mind of women, you can at least learn a thing or two about how they think that will help crack their inner mystery.

So, here are five little secrets about the female psyche that will help you understand what women want by learning how they think:

1. Women care about looks, but…

In the battle of the sexes, men are often painted as the more visual gender. There aren't a ton of female teenagers with issues of Playgirl hidden between their mattresses. Still, while women might not rely on looks as heavily as men, they do care about them. Most importantly, they like men who are fit and hygienic.

But even these qualities aren't always enough to draw their interest. Most women, more than anything, care about how you treat them more than they'll ever care about your dimples, your ass, or your washboard abs.

2. Women listen to every little thing you say. 

Among the most important things to remember when considering the best way to find a girlfriend is your words; women are always listening to what you say. In fact, a woman has probably dumped you because you said something that you weren't even aware of.

One of the biggest deal breakers is saying you don't want children. Even women who aren't sure, or think that they don't want children, either generally want the option to stay on the table.

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3. Women want independence, too.

The need for independence is often painted as a male trait: Boys night is depicted as this elusive event men are only able to attend after completing a list of household chores. But the truth is that women value their independence just as much as men.

Meeting a girl and calling her every five minutes, or wanting to meet up every night will likely be a turnoff for her — just as it would for you. Even when a girl thinks you're awesome, she will still want time to herself.

4. Women really care if you don't get along with their friends.

Many women have a group of friends, a group of "girls" they rely on through good times and bad. These girls have been in their lives before their romantic relationships, and they'll be there after.

In short, these girls are important. If you can't get along with them or you bad mouth them, complain about them, or refuse to hang out with them, your relationship will be like the first time you had sex — it won't last long. 

5. Women pee in the shower.

Not all of them, but a lot of them — even if they don't admit it. While it may sound silly to acknowledge, the point is, they're human, too.

It's important to have an understanding of how women think so you can anticipate how things will go. Women and men both have their own needs, but once you get a grasp of what's going on, things will be so much easier in your dating life!

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Michael Griswold is a relationship coach. To discover the steps you can take to get a girlfriend or get your ex-girlfriend back, click here.